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Vol 14, No 1 (2019)

Table of Contents

Editorials (Opinion Pieces)

BioResources to Serve as Host for Fundamental Research Symposia Archives PDF
Martin A. Hubbe 1-2
Bamboo as an Emerging Resource for Worldwide Pulping and Papermaking PDF
Zicheng Chen, Huiwen Zhang, Zhibin He, Lanhe Zhang, Xiaopeng Yue 3-5

Research Articles (Peer Reviewed)

Forest Residues as a Renewable Source of Energy: Elemental Composition and Physical Properties PDF
Tomasz Nurek, Arkaduisz Gendek, Kamil Roman 6-20
Xylitol Production from Prehydrolysis Liquor of Kraft-based Dissolving Pulp by Candida tropicalis PDF
Shanshan Liu, Huili He, Xin Fu, Tianzhong Yuan, Qiang Wang, Guihua Yang, Hui Zhang, Mingqi Ding, Changlyu Liao 21-30
Polyurethane Foams from Liquefied Eucalyptus globulus Branches PDF
Idalina J. Domingos, Ana P. Fernandes, José Ferreira, Luísa Cruz-Lopes, Bruno M. Esteves 31-43
Comparative Study of the Performance of Acetylated Bamboo with Different Catalysts PDF
Saisai Huang, Zhongqing Ma, Yujing Nie, Fengzhu Lu, Lingfei Ma 44-58
Effects of Pretreatment on the Soil Aging Behavior of Rice Husk Fibers/Polyvinyl Chloride Composites PDF
Lei Wang, Chunxia He, Xingxing Yang 59-69
Effects of Crosslinking Degree on the Coating Properties of Arabinoxylan PDF
Zhenhua Hu, Zhouyang Xiang, Tao Song, Fachuang Lu 70-86
Facile Synthesis of Mesoporous Silica Aerogels from Rice Straw Ash-based Biosilica via Freeze-drying PDF
Rui Yang, Xiaoyu Wang, Yang Zhang, Haiyan Mao, Ping Lan, Dingguo Zhou 87-98
The Effect of Mechano-enzymatic Treatment on the Characteristics of Cellulose Nanofiber Obtained from Kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.) Bark PDF
Koranat Narkpiban, Chularat Sakdaronnarong, Thidarat Nimchua, Phitsanu Pinmanee, Paweena Thongkred, Thitivara Poonsawat 99-119
Potential Use of Textile Dust in the Middle Layer of Three-layered Particleboards as an Eco-friendly Solution PDF
Gökay Nemli, Zehra Odabas Serin, Ferhat Özdemir, Nadir Ayrılmış 120-127
Water-jet Assisted Nanosecond Laser Microcutting of Northeast China Ash Wood: Experimental Study PDF
Chunmei Yang, Ting Jiang, Yueqiang Yu, Yan Bai, Mingliang Song, Qian Miao, Yan Ma, Jiuqing Liu 128-138
Enhanced Amount and Quality of Alginate-like Exopolysaccharides in Aerobic Granular Sludge for the Treatment of Salty Wastewater PDF
Fansheng Meng, Dongfang Liu, Yuwei Pan, Limeng Xi, Dan Yang, Wenli Huang 139-165
Load-carrying Capacity of Self-tapping Lag Screws for Glulam-lightweight Concrete Composite Beams PDF
Hao Du, Xiamin Hu, Yuchen Jiang, Chenyu Wei, Wan Hong 166-179
Effects of Different Advanced Engineering Materials on Deformation Behaviour of Wood Structural Materials PDF
Timucin Bardak 180-192
Effect of Alkaline Peroxide Treatment on the Chemical Compositions and Characteristics of Lignocellulosic Nanofibrils PDF
Pureun-Narae Seo, Song-Yi Han, Chan-Woo Park, Sun-Young Lee, Nam-Hun Kim, Seung-Hwan Lee 193-206
Time of Exposure at 60 °C Service Temperature: Influence on Strength and Modulus of Elasticity in Compression Parallel to the Grain of Hardwood Species PDF
Tiago Hendrigo de Almeida, Diego Henrique de Almeida, Felipe N. Arroyo, Victor Almeida De Araújo, Eduardo Chahud, Luiz Antonio Melgaço Nunes Branco, Roberto Vasconcelos Pinheiro, André Luis Christoforo, Francisco Antonio Rocco Lahr 207-219
Drying Influence on the Development of Cracks in Eucalyptus Logs PDF
Thiago Magalhães do Nascimento, Thiago Campos Monteiro, Edy Eime Pereira Baraúna, Jordão Cabral Moulin, Alcinei Mistico Azevedo 220-233
Preparation and Characterization of Camellia oleifera Nut Shell-based Bioadsorbent and its Application for Heavy Metals Removal PDF
Yanxin Liu, Xiangzhou Li, Yulong wang, Jun Zhou, Wanting He 234-250
Influence of the Hemicellulose Content on the Fiber Properties, Strength, and Formability of Handsheets PDF
Jaakko Pere, Elina Pääkkönen, Yun Ji, Elias Antero Retulainen 251-263
Performances of White Pine and White Spruce Treated with Organic Fungicides Using an Aqueous Buffered Amine Oxide Preservation System PDF
Simon Pepin, Pierre Blanchet, Véronic Landry 264-288
Effects of Magnesium Impregnation on Stability and Sorption Performance of Biochar Derived from Sawdust and Corn Husks PDF
Zhao Xu, Ting Chen, Zhuhong Ding, Xin Hu, Guangze Nie 289-301
Chemical Modification of Starch Microcrystals and their Application as an Adsorbent for Metals in Aqueous Solutions PDF
Qijie Chen, Xueming Zheng, Liling Zhou, Meicun Kang 302-312
Combining Organosolv Pretreatment with Mechanical Grinding of Sugarcane Bagasse for the Preparation of Nanofibrillated Cellulose in a Novel Green Approach PDF
Yan Jiang, Xiuyu Liu, Shuang Yang, Xueping Song, Shuangfei Wang 313-335
Preparation, Characterization, and Antioxidant Activities of Cellulose Nanocrystals/Genistein Nanocomposites PDF
Yue Wang, Yulong Wang, Yanxin Liu, Qingjian Liu, Jinwon Jang, Junyuan Han 336-348
Effect of Combined Aluminum-silicon Synergistic Impregnation and Heat Treatment on the Thermal Stability, Chemical Components, and Morphology of Wood PDF
Lijie Qu, Zhenyu Wang, Jing Qian, Zhengbin He, Songlin Yi 349-362
Boron and Sulfate Removal Using Rice Husk as Filtration Material in Horizontal Flow Constructed Wetlands Microcosms PDF
Camila San Miguel-Espinosa, Consuelo d. P. Rámila, Eduardo Leiva, Katherine Lizama-Allende 363-375
Soda Lignin-based Activated Carbon and Its Adsorption Properties PDF
Jian Lin, Fenglian Xue, Guangjie Zhao 376-386
Impact of Thermal Loading on Selected Chemical and Morphological Properties of Spruce ThermoWood PDF
Iveta Čabalová, Martin Zachar, František Kačík, Tereza Tribulová 387-400
Balsam Fir Strength Behavior at Moisture Content in Service After Freezing in Green Condition PDF
Claudia B. Cáceres, Roger E. Hernández 401-408
Enhancement of Colloidal Particle and Lignin Removal from Pre-hydrolysis Liquor by Pectinase Pre-treatment – Study on Model Substances PDF
Zongquan Li, Qin Liu, Jiansong Chen, Yingjuan Fu 409-420
Effect of Laminated Structure Design on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Laminated Bamboo Sliver Lumber PDF
Jianchao Deng, Lingxianzi He, Anming Zhu 421-430
Analyzing the Influence of the Ground Layer on Reinforcement Strength of Lacquer Film in the Restoration of Ancient Chinese Lacquer Furniture PDF
Tianxing Zhang, Zhihui Wu, Tian Sun 431-439
Improvement of the Properties of Sugar Factory Fusel Oil Waste and Investigation of its Effect on the Performance and Emissions of Spark Ignition Engine PDF
Süleyman Şimşek, Bülent Özdalyan, Hasan Saygın 440-452
Effect of Surface Carbonization on Mechanical Properties of LVL PDF
Xuehua Wang, Yan Wu, Hong Chen, Xiaoyan Zhou, Zhankuang Zhang, Wei Xu 453-463
Effect of Steam Explosion on the Structural Modification of Rice Straw for Enhanced Biodegradation and Biogas Production PDF
Abolfazl Lotfi Aski, Alimohammad Borghei, Ali Zenouzi, Nariman Ashrafi, Mohammad J. Taherzadeh 464-485
Using Solubility Parameter Analysis to Understand Delignification of Poplar and Rice Straw with Catalyzed Organosolv Fractionation Processes PDF
Fangchao Cheng, Tulong Ouyang, Jianping Sun, Tao Jiang, Jianju Luo 486-499
Flexural Behavior of Sprayed Lightweight Composite Mortar-original Bamboo Composite Beams: Experimental Study PDF
Li-min Tian, Yue-feng Kou, Ji-ping Hao 500-517
Modeling the Impact of Assembly Tolerances Regarding Air Leaks on the Energy Efficiency and Durability of a Cross-laminated Timber Structure PDF
Ulysse Martin, Pierre Blanchet, André Potvin 518-536
Effects of Waste Engine Oil Additive on the Pelletizing and Pyrolysis Properties of Wheat Straw PDF
Yu Wang, Yu Sun, Kai Wu 537-553
Effect of Pretreatment on the Structure and Properties of Nanofibrillated Cellulose from Soybean Residues PDF
Peiyi Li, Yumeng Wang, Qingqing Hou, Hezhen Liu, Chen Liang, Xinping Li 554-560
Improved Reactivity and Derivatization of Cellulose after Pre-Hydrolysis with Commercial Enzymes PDF
Pia Willberg-Keyriläinen, Jarmo Ropponen, Manu Lahtinen, Jaakko Pere 561-574
Separation of Methyl Glycosides and Glycerol from Aqueous Fraction of Methyl Bio-oils Using Nanofiltration PDF
Zean Xie, Xinping Wang, Lu Li, Jinhui Pang 575-591
Effect of Various Pretreatment Methods on Sugar and Ethanol Production from Cellulosic Water Hyacinth PDF
Shahabaldin Rezania, Hossein Alizadeh, Junboum Park, Mohd Fadhil Md Din, Negisa Darajeh, Shirin Shafiei Ebrahimi, Bidyut Baran Saha, Hesam Kamyab 592-606
Surface and Dynamic Viscoelastic Properties of Cork from Quercus variabilis PDF
Jingjing Li, Junjie Bi, Xiaozhou Song, Wencheng Qu, Dongmei Liu 607-618
Comparative Study of Physical, Mechanical, and Thermal Properties on Sugar Palm Fiber (Arenga pinnata (Wurmb) Merr.) Reinforced Vinyl Ester Composites Obtained From Different Geographical Locations PDF
M. R. M. Huzaifah, S. M. Sapuan, Z. Leman, M. R. Ishak 619-637
Regulation of Superoxide Anion Radicals in Bagasse Alkali-Oxygen Pulping to Enhance Delignification Selectively PDF
Xing Liang, Bing Sun, Yuxin Liu, Bao Zhang, Yingzhen Shan, Xueping Song, Shuangxi Nie 638-649
Mild Physical and Chemical Pretreatments to Enhance Biomass Enzymatic Saccharification and Bioethanol Production from Erianthus arundinaceus PDF
Ao Li, Qiaomei Yang, Yu Li, Shiguang Zhou, Jiangfeng Huang, Meng Hu, Yuanyuan Tu, Bo Hao, Liangcai Peng, Tao Xia 650-668
The Effect of Milling Parameters and Thermal Modification on Power Input During the Milling of Thermally Modified Spruce and Oak Wood PDF
Miroslav Sedlecky, Monika Sarvašová Kvietková, Jiří Kubš, Pavla Kubová 669-687
Preparation of High-performance Activated Carbons Using Bamboo through One-step Pyrolysis PDF
Xinxin Ma, Lee M. Smith, Liping Cai, Sheldon Q. Shi, Hui Li, Benhua Fei 688-699
Neem Leaves Extract Based Seaweed Bio-degradable Composite Films with Excellent Antimicrobial Activity for Sustainable Packaging Material PDF
U. Seeta Uthaya Kumar, M. T. Paridah, F. A. T Owolabi, Deepu A. Gopakumar, Samsul Rizal, A. A Amirul, A. A Rahman, Tata Alfatah, E. M. Mistar, N. A. Sri Aprilia, H. P. S. Abdul Khalil 700-713
Synergistic Effect of Fenton-like Treatment on the Adsorption of Organic Dye on Bamboo Magnetic Biochar PDF
Jianxiong Xing, Qian Liu, Kai Zheng, Jian-feng Ma, Xing'e Liu, Haiyan Yang, Xiaopeng Peng, Shuangxi Nie, Kun Wang 714-724
Production of Levulinic Acid from Lignocellulosic Biomass with a Recyclable Aromatic Acid and Its Kinetic Study PDF
Hairui Ji, Cuihua Dong, Guihua Yang, Zhiqiang Pang 725-736
Fabrication and Performance of PSf/CA Ultrafiltration Membranes: Effect of Additives for Fouling Resistance and Selective Polyphenol Removal from Apple Juice PDF
Wan Aisyah Fadilah Wae AbdulKadir, Khairul Faezah Md. Yunos, Abdul Rahman Hassan, Nor Amaiza Mohd Amin, Azhari Samsu Baharuddin 737-754
Prediction of the Bending Stiffness of Uruguayan Loblolly and Slash Pine Timber Applying Different Statistical Techniques PDF
Andrea Cardoso, Laura Moya, Alejandra Borges 755-768
Research on Milling Forces During High-speed Milling of Wood-plastic Composites PDF
Weihua Wei, Yuantong Li, Tongming Xue, Xiao Liu, Long Chen, Jian Wang, Tongyue Wang, Yaning Cai 769-779
Relationship between Human Perception of Softness and Instrument Measurements PDF
Yuhan Wang, Tiago De Assis, Franklin Zambrano, Lokendra Pal, Richard A. Venditti, Sudipta Dasmohapatra, Joel Justin Pawlak, Ronalds Gonzalez 780-795
Characterization of Polyurethane Wood Adhesive Prepared from Liquefied Sawdust by Ethylene Carbonate PDF
Soheyla Daneshvar, Rabi Behrooz, Saeed Kazemi Najafi, Gity Mir Mohamad Sadeghi 796-815
The Direct Conversion of Hemicelluloses to Selectively Produce Xylose from Corn Stover Catalysed by Maleic Acid PDF
Ping Wu, Jianmei Li, Ting He, Changwei Hu 816-841
Mechanism of Adsorption of Cadmium and Lead Ions by Iron-activated Biochar PDF
Liqiang Cui, Tianming Chen, Chuntao Yin, Jinlong Yan, James A. Ippolito, Qaiser Hussain 842-857
Essential Oil Extracted from Wood of Phoebe bournei (Hemsl.) Yang: Chemical Constituents, Antitumor, Antibacterial, and Hypoglycemic Activities PDF
Wen Ding, Liping Ning, Shaoxuan Wei, Huizi Xing, Zhiting Wei, Yingjian Li 858-869
Modified Hydrogen Peroxide Bleaching of Bamboo Chemo-mechanical Pulp Using Aqueous Alcohol Media PDF
Fangmin Liang, Guigan Fang, Jian Jiao, Yongjun Deng, Shanming Han, Hongbin Li, Qingwen Tian, Aixiang Pan, Beiping Zhu 870-881
Low Consistency Refining Combined with Screen Fractionation: Reduction of Mechanical Pulping Process Complexity PDF
Christer Sandberg, Jan-Erik Berg, Per Engstrand 882-894
Effect of White-rot Fungal Treatments on the in Vitro Rumen Degradability of Two Kinds of Corn Stover PDF
Sasa Zuo, Dongze Niu, Di Jiang, Pengjiao Tian, Rongrong Li, Wei Wu, Chuncheng Xu 895-907
Crown Architecture and Structural Development of Young Norway Spruce Trees (Picea abies Karst.): A Basis for More Realistic Growth Modelling PDF
Marek Fabrika, Ľubomír Scheer, Robert Sedmák, Winfried Kurth, Martin Schön 908-921
Determination of Alkali and Sulfite Ratios in Paper Pulp Produced from Sorghum Stalks via the Kraft Method PDF
Ayhan Gençer, Ceyda Hatıl 922-930
Laccase Pretreatment for Enhancing Microwave-assisted Alkaline Extraction of Hemicellulose from Bagasse PDF
Jizhen Huang, Yuxin Liu, Bing Sun, Jiaoyang Li, Renfeng Zhang, Shuangxi Nie 931-942
Composition of Water-insoluble Extract from Oil Palm Trunk Liquefaction Using Polyhydric Alcohol PDF
Rattana Choowang, Jian Lin, Guang Jie Zhao 943-953
Indentation Hardness Test Methods for Bamboo PDF
Xiaomeng Yang, Yuan Chai, Zhengjun Sun, Huanrong Liu, Zehui Jiang 954-964
Delignification and Hydrolyzation of Mycorrhizal Black Locust Biomass Pretreated with Aqueous Ammonia PDF
Xiaoqin Zhu, Ming Tang, Hui Chen 965-976
Physical and Chemical Characterization of Chinese Maize Stalk Leaf Ash: Calcining Temperature and Aqueous Solution PDF
Guorui Feng, Tingye Qi, Zehua Wang, Jinwen Bai, Zhen Li 977-995
Comparative Phytochemical Constituents of Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) Leaves, Fruits, Stem Barks, and Wood Branches Grown in Egypt using GC-MS Method Coupled with Multivariate Statistical Approaches PDF
Mohamed Zaky Zayed, Aimin Wu, Sobhy Mohamed Sallam 996-1013
Phosphate Supplemented Sugarcane Leaves Hydrolysate for Enhanced Oil Accumulation in Candida sp. NG17 PDF
Ratchana Pranimita, Patcharaporn Hoondee, Somboon Tanasupawat, Ancharida Savarajara 1014-1032
Wood Species Identification Using Terahertz Time-domain Spectroscopy PDF
Yuan Wang, Shuai She, Nan Zhou, Junguo Zhang, Hao Yan, Wenbin Li 1033-1048
Degradation and Polymerization of Black Liquor Lignin using Bacillus sp. Isolated from a Pulp Mill PDF
Nipatcharaporn Sapapporn, Sirilux Chaijamrus, Wassana Chatdumrong, Worasit Tochampa 1049-1076
Preparation and Characterization of Moso Bamboo-based Cellulose Nanowhiskers under Various Acid Hydrolysis Conditions PDF
Chia-Min Liu, Kuan-Hsuan Lin, Tzu-Cheng Chang, Feng-Cheng Chang 1077-1090
Comparison of Four Technical Lignins as a Resource for Electrically Conductive Carbon Particles PDF
Janea Köhnke, Notburga Gierlinger, Batirtze Prats-Mateu, Christoph Unterweger, Pia Solt, Arnulf Kai Mahler, Elisabeth Schwaiger, Falk Liebner, Wolfgang Gindl-Altmutter 1091-1109
Integration of Taguchi-Grey Relational Analysis Technique in Parameter Process Optimization for Rice Husk Composite PDF
Sity Ainy Nor Mohamed, Edi Syams Zainudin, Salit Mohd Sapuan, Mohd Azaman Md. Deros, Ahmad Mubarak Tajul Arifin 1110-1126
Effects of Selected Factors on Spruce Dowel Joint Stiffness PDF
Vladimír Záborský, Gourav Kamboj, Adam Sikora, Vlastimil Borůvka 1127-1140

Review Articles (Peer Reviewed)

The Use of Chemical and Biological Agents in the Recovery of Heavy Metals from Treated Woods – A Brief Review PDF
Dercilio Junior Verly Lopes, Elizabeth C. Stokes, Gabrielly dos Santos Bobadilha
Lignin Recovery from Spent Alkaline Pulping Liquors Using Acidification, Membrane Separation, and Related Processing Steps: A Review PDF
Martin A. Hubbe, Raimo Alén, Michael Paleologou, Miyuru Kannangara, Jonas Kihlman
Potential Valorization of By-product Materials from Oil Palm: A review of Alternative and Sustainable Carbon Sources for Carbon-based Nanomaterials Synthesis PDF
Salisu Nasir, Mohd Zobir Hussein, Zulkarnain Zainal, Nor Azah Yusof, Syazwan Afif Mohd Zobir, Ibrahim Mustapha Alibe

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