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Vol 12, No 4 (2017)

Table of Contents

Editorials (Opinion Pieces)

Macromolecular Reorganization as a Basis for Converting Cellulosic Hydrogels into Sustainable Plastics PDF
Dong Wu, Xueren Qian, Jing Shen 6902-6903
To Repair or Not to Repair Cracked Wood PDF
Martin A. Hubbe 6904-6906

Research Articles (Peer Reviewed)

Comparative Study of Acid Hydrolysis of Lignin and Polysaccharides in Biomasses PDF
Danila Morais de Carvalho, Jorge Luiz Colodette 6907-6923
Contribution to Sustainability and the National Economy Through Recycling Waste Paper from Istanbul’s Hotels in Turkey PDF
Sultan Bekiroğlu, Gulnur Mertoğlu Elmas, Yagshymyrat Yagshiyev 6924-6955
Enhancing the Alkaline Peroxide Mechanical Pulp Strength by Cationization with 3-chloro-2-hydroxypropyl trimethyl ammonium chloride PDF
Xiaohui Wang, Zhongming Liu, Shoujuan Wang, Fangong Kong, Guihua Yang, Pedram Fatehi, Lucian A. Lucia 6956-6970
Investigation of the Fire, Thermal, and Mechanical Properties of Zinc Borate and Synergic Fire Retardants on Composites Produced with PP-MDF Wastes PDF
Ertugrul Altuntas, Nasir Narlioglu, Mehmet Hakki Alma 6971-6983
Genotypic Variations in Characteristics of Nano-Fibrillated Cellulose Derived from Banana Pseudostem PDF
Priya Gopinathan, Kizhaeral S. Subramanian, Gopinathan Paliyath, Jayasankar Subramanian 6984-7001
Effect of Physicochemical Pretreatments and Enzymatic Hydrolysis on Corn Straw Degradation and Reducing Sugar Yield PDF
Weiwei Huang, Erzhu Wang, Juan Chang, Ping Wang, Qingqiang Yin, Chaoqi Liu, Qun Zhu, Fushan Lu 7002-7015
Effect of Wood Species, Adhesive Type, and Annual Ring Directions on the Stiffness of Rail to Leg Mortise and Tenon Furniture Joints PDF
Vladimír Záborský, Vlastimil Borůvka, Václava Kašičková, Daniel Ruman 7016-7031
Analysis of Paper Sludge Pellets for Energy Utilization PDF
Radovan Nosek, Michal Holubcik, Jozef Jandacka, Lucia Radacovska 7032-7040
The Role of Phenolic Extractives in Color Changes of Locust Wood (Robinia pseudoacacia) during Heat Treatment PDF
Yanxia Wei, Mingjie Wang, Peng Zhang, Yao Chen, Jianmin Gao, Yongming Fan 7041-7055
Combined Effect of Zinc Borate and Coupling Agent against Brown and White Rot Fungi in Wood-Plastic Composites PDF
Ertugrul Altuntas, Esra Yilmaz, Tufan Salan, Mehmet Hakkı Alma 7056-7068
Characterization of the Jambolan (Syzygium cumini L.) Fruit Wine Processing PDF
Taís Silva de Oliveira Brandão, Lorena Silva Pinho, Alice Ferreira da Silva Hughes, Jéssica Lima de Souza, Carlos Augusto Rosa, Elisa Teshima, Hugo Neves Brandão, Jorge Mauricio David 7069-7083
Production of Xylose from Diluted Sulfuric Acid Hydrolysis of Wheat Straw PDF
Xingxiang Ji, Hao Ma, Zhongjian Tian, Gaojin Lyu, Guigan Fang, Jiachuan Chen, Haroon A. M. Saeed 7084-7095
Green Synthesis of Nano-silver Particles Using Plant Active Substance from Lemongrass Extract PDF
Qifeng Chen, Ting Mi, Guangxue Chen, Yiwei Li 7096-7106
Dimensional Stability of Oriented Strand Boards with External Layers made of Non-Strand Chips: Changes in Board Length PDF
Radosław Mirski, Dorota Dziurka, Adam Derkowski 7107-7117
Thermal Stability and Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Kenaf/Bamboo Fibre Reinforced Epoxy Composites PDF
Siew Sand Chee, Mohammad Jawaid, Mohamed T. H. Sultan 7118-7132
Graphene Oxide as Support and Regenerative Substrate for Lead Ions in Catalytic Conversion of Lactic Acid PDF
Siew Xian Chin, Soon Wei Chook, Chin Hua Chia, Kam Sheng Lau, Sarani Zakaria, Siti Masrinda Tasirin 7133-7144
Tensile, Barrier, Dynamic Mechanical, and Biodegradation Properties of Cassava/Sugar Palm Fiber Reinforced Cassava Starch Hybrid Composites PDF
Ahmed Edhirej, S. M. Sapuan, Mohammad Jawaid, Nur Ismarrubie Zahari 7145-7160
Biodegradation Properties of Wood-plastic Composites Containing High Content of Lignocellulosic Filler and Zinc Borate Exposed to Two Different Brown-Rot Fungi PDF
Ertugrul Altuntas, Esra Yilmaz, Tufan Salan, Mehmet Hakki Alma 7161-7177
The Effect of Ultrasonic Oscillation on the Quality of 3D Shapes During Deep-Drawing of Paperboard PDF
Albrecht Löwe, Marek Hauptmann, Jens-Peter Majschak 7178-7194
Lignocellulose Degradation by Daedaleopsis confragosa and D. tricolor PDF
Mirjana Stajic, Jasmina Ćilerdžić, Milica Galić, Žarko Ivanović, Jelena Vukojević 7195-7204
Effect of Softening Treatment on Cutting Force during Slicing the Veneers of Common Fast-growing Wood PDF
Yuzhi Xu, Baojin Wang, Yi Shen, Jin Wu, Lei Feng, Hao Yu 7205-7217
Factory-mounted and Retrofit Passive Resistance Sensors Adapted to Monitor Moisture Content in Timber Bridges PDF
Niclas Björngrim, Per-Anders Fjellström, Olle Hagman 7218-7227
Potential to Use Sorghum Brewers Spent Grains as a Boiler Fuel PDF
Musaida Mercy Manyuchi, Richard Frank, Charles Mbohwa, Edison Muzenda 7228-7240

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