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Vol 12, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents

Editorials (Opinion Pieces)

Models for Sustainability PDF
Yuan Yao 1-3
What to Do with Structurally Low-Grade Wood from Australia’s Plantation Eucalyptus; Building Application? PDF
Mohammad Derikvand, Gregory Nolan, Hui Jiao, Nathan Kotlarewski 4-7

Research Articles (Peer Reviewed)

Optimizing Refining Conditions of Pinus massoniana Cellulose Fibers for Improving the Mechanical Properties of Ultra-Low Density Plant Fiber Composite (ULD_PFC) PDF
Tingjie Chen, Zhenzeng Wu, Wei Wei, Yongqun Xie, Qihua Wei, Xiaodong (Alice) Wang, Olle Hagman, Olov Karlsson 8-18
Potential of Near-infrared Spectroscopy to Detect Defects on the Surface of Solid Wood Boards PDF
Jun Cao, Hao Liang, Xue Lin, Wenjun Tu, Yizhuo Zhang 19-28
Cellulosic Pulp Fiber as Reinforcement Materials in Seaweed-Based Film PDF
H. P. S. Abdul Khalil, Ying Ying Tye, Su Ting Chow, Chaturbhuj K. Saurabh, Md. Tahir Paridah, Rudi Dungani, Muhammad Izzuddin Syakir 29-42
Evaluation of Physical and Mechanical Properties of Fiber-Reinforced Poplar Scrimber PDF
Xiaolei Guo, Yubin Lin, Bin Na, Xingyu Liang, Mats Ekevad, Futang Ji, Lingling Huang 43-55
Thermal Insulation Boards from Bamboo Paper Sludge PDF
Shuang-Yan Zhang, Yuan-Yuan Li, Chuan-Gui Wang, Xiang Wang 56-67
Superheated Steam Treatment of Oil Palm Mesocarp Fiber Improved the Properties of Fiber-Polypropylene Biocomposite PDF
Noor Ida Amalina Ahamad Nordin, Hidayah Ariffin, Mohd Ali Hassan, Yoshihito Shirai, Yoshito Ando, Nor Azowa Ibrahim, Wan Md Zin Wan Yunus 68-81
Quality of the Surface of Aspen Wood after Pressing PDF
Jozef Gáborík, Milan Gaff, Daniel Ruman, Miroslav Gašparík, Tomáš Svoboda, Vojtech Vokaty, Adam Síkora 82-94
Impact of Dimethyl Sulfoxide Treatment on Morphology and Characteristics of Nanofibrillated Cellulose Isolated from Corn Husks PDF
Xue Yang, Xiaoting Wang, Hui Liu, Yanjiao Zhao, Shuai Jiang, Lifang Liu 95-106
Utilising Brewer’s Spent Grain as a Source of Cellulose Nanofibres Following Separation of Protein-based Biomass PDF
Pawan Kumar Mishra, Tomas Gregor, Rupert Wimmer 107-116
Influence of Artificial and Natural Weathering on the Moisture Dynamic of Wood PDF
Mojca Žlahtič, Miha Humar 117-142
Thermal Spray Coating: A New Way of Protecting Wood PDF
Mojgan Nejad, Romina Shafaghi, Larry Pershin, Javad Mostaghimi, Paul Cooper 143-156
Waste Cassava Tuber Fibers as an Immobilization Carrier of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for Ethanol Production PDF
Sineenath Kunthiphun, Pongphannee Phumikhet, Vasana Tolieng, Somboon Tanasupawat, Ancharida Akaracharanya 157-167
Wood and Comfort: A Comparative Case Study of Two Multifunctional Rooms PDF
Mélanie Watchman, André Potvin, Claude M. H. Demers 168-182
Characterization of Residual Lignin Obtained by the Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch Pulps PDF
Yin Ying H'ng, Akiko Nakagawa-Izumi, Cheu Peng Leh, Atanu Kumar Das, Hiroshi Ohi 183-194
Influence of Alkaline-Thermal Pretreatment on High-Solids Anaerobic Digestion of Dewatered Activated Sludge PDF
Haigang Guo, Lianzhu Du, Junfeng Liang, Zengjun Yang, Guohua Cui, Keqiang Zhang 195-210
Mechanical Properties and Cross-Linking Density of Short Sisal Fiber Reinforced Silicone Composites PDF
Rajashekaran Karthikeyan, Jimi Tjong, Sanjay K. Nayak, Mohini M. Sain 211-227
Utilization of Polypropylene Film as an Adhesive to Prepare Formaldehyde-free, Weather-resistant Plywood-like Composites: Process Optimization, Performance Evaluation, and Interface Modification PDF
Wei Song, Wenbang Wei, Xuefei Li, Shuangbao Zhang 228-254
Strength Characteristics of Untreated Short-fibre Composites from the Plant Ensete ventricosum PDF
Miroslav Müller, Petr Valášek, Alessandro Ruggiero 255-269
Comparison of Non-Destructive Methods Based on Natural Frequency for Determining the Modulus of Elasticity of Cupressus lusitanica and Populus x canadensis PDF
Matěj Hodoušek, Alfredo Manuel Pereira Geraldes Dias, Carlos Martins, André Marques, Martin Böhm 270-282
Localized Wood Surface Modification, Part I: Method Characterization PDF
Diego Elustondo, Olena Myronycheva, Bror Sundqvist, Olov Karlsson 283-295
Preparation of an Efficient Oil-Spill Adsorbent Based on Wheat Straw PDF
Ermeng Lv, Wuyang Xia, Mingxiao Tang, Yuewu Pu 296-315
Analysis of Hydrolyzates Produced from Cellulose Catalyzed by Carbonaceous Solid Acid in an Ionic Liquid PDF
Wanyu Liu, Wei Qi, Weizheng Zhou, Shuna Liu, Xucheng Zhang, Jinsong Zhou, Zhenhong Yuan, Xinshu Zhuang 316-325
Comparative Analysis of Single-stage and Two-stage Fermentation Systems under Various Process Conditions PDF
Jing Du, Yuting Qian, Haoli Qu, Yonglan Xi, Hongying Huang, Hongmei Jin, Yueding Xu, Xiwu Lü, Zhizhou Chang 326-343
The Critical Analysis of Catalytic Steam Explosion Pretreatment of Corn Stalk, Lignin Degradation, Recovery, and Characteristic Variations PDF
Huanlei Yang, Jun Li, Jun Xu, Lihuan Mo 344-361
Sustainability Trends and Natural Resource Use in U.S. Cotton Production PDF
Jesse S. Daystar, Edward Barnes, Kater Hake, Ryan Kurtz 362-392
Open Fermentative Production of L-Lactic Acid from Distillers’ Grains by Lactobacillus casei CICC 6056 PDF
Jin Zheng, Yingying Liu, Xiaohong Sun, Qunhui Wang, Hui Zou, Juan Wang, Ming Gao 393-406
Influence of Thermal Treatment on Power Consumption during Plain Milling of Lodgepole Pine (Pinus contorta subsp. murrayana) PDF
Jiří Kubš, Miroslav Gašparík, Milan Gaff, Lukáš Kaplan, Hana Čekovská, Jan Ježek, Václav Štícha 407-418
Cellulose Nanowhiskers from Moso Bamboo Residues: Extraction and Characterization PDF
Shaoping Qian, Huanhuan Zhang, Kuichuan Sheng 419-433
Heterologous Expression of a New Acetyl Xylan Esterase from Aspergillus niger BE-2 and its Synergistic Action with Xylan-Degrading Enzymes in the Hydrolysis of Bamboo Biomass PDF
Hongli Wu, Yong Xue, Hailong Li, Lihui Gan, Jian Liu, Minnan Long 434-447
The Influence of Thermomechanical Smoothing on Beech Wood Surface Roughness PDF
Jozef Gáborík, Milan Gaff, Daniel Ruman, Marek Šomšák, Zuzana Gaffová, Tomáš Svoboda, Vojtech Vokaty, Adam Síkora 448-456
Characteristics of Pollution from Waste Liquor of Poplar Pre-Conditioning Refiner Chemical Alkaline Peroxide Mechanical Pulping PDF
Zong-zheng Yang, Jie Zhang, Meng-yao Zhang, Ming-yue Wang, Jing-guo Cao 457-468
Preparation of Paper Strengthening Agent by Esterification of Cellulosic Fines PDF
Lin-Yu Yan, Sheng-Yan Li, Xian-Liang Song 469-477
Optimization Protocol for the Microwave-Assisted Extraction of Antioxidant Components from Pinus elliottii Needles Using Response Surface Methodology PDF
Hui Ouyang, Kun Hou, Lishu Wang, Wanxi Peng 478-494
Shear Bond Strength of Two-Layered Hardwood Strips Bonded with Polyvinyl Acetate and Polyurethane Adhesives PDF
Miroslav Gašparík, Milan Gaff, Daniel Ruman, Vladimír Záborský, Václava Kašičková, Adam Sikora, Václav Štícha 495-513
Understanding the Mechanism of Self-Bonding of Bamboo Binderless Boards: Investigating the Structural Changes of Lignin Macromolecule during the Molding Pressing Process PDF
Bing Wang, Dong-Li Li, Tian-Ying Chen, Zhi-Yong Qin, Wan-Xi Peng, Jia-Long Wen 514-532
Flame Retardant Efficiency of Melamine Pyrophosphate with Added Mg-Al-Layered Double Hydroxide in Medium Density Fiberboards PDF
Shanqing Liang, Lifang Zhang, Zhilin Chen, Feng Fu 533-545
Main Motivations and Barriers for Using Wood in Multi-Story and Non-Residential Construction Projects PDF
Annie Gosselin, Pierre Blanchet, Nadia Lehoux, Yan Cimon 546-570
Assessing the Tensile Shear Strength and Interfacial Bonding Mechanism of Poplar Plywood with High-density Polyethylene Films as Adhesive PDF
Liang Chang, Wenjing Guo, Qiheng Tang 571-585
Modification with Melamine Formaldehyde and Melamine-Urea Formaldehyde Resin to Improve the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Wood PDF
Suat Altun, Veysel Tokdemir 586-596
Effect of Extractives on the Equilibrium Moisture Content and Shrinkage of Selected Tropical Wood Species PDF
Agnieszka Jankowska, Michał Drożdżek, Paweł Sarnowski, Jakub Horodeński 597-607
Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles with Glucose for Conductivity Enhancement of Conductive Ink PDF
Qifeng Chen, Guhong Liu, Guangxue Chen, Ting Mi, Jinglei Tai 608-621
Effects of Biochar on Cadmium Accumulation in Rice and Cadmium Fractions of Soil: A Three-Year Pot Experiment PDF
Tianyi He, Jun Meng, Wenfu Chen, Zunqi Liu, Ting Cao, Xiaoyi Cheng, Yuwei Huang, Xu Yang 622-642
Facile Fabrication of Superhydrophobic/Superoleophilic Cotton for Highly Efficient Oil/Water Separation PDF
Qing Wang, Mingguang Yu, Guangxue Chen, Qifeng Chen, Jinglei Tai 643-654
Effect of the Crystal Shape of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate on the Whiteness of Modified Fly Ash PDF
Huiming Fan, Ping Liu, Xueqin Wang, Da Gao, Jianan Liu 655-661
Biocomposites from Polylactic Acid and Bacterial Cellulose Nanofibers Obtained by Mechanical Treatment PDF
Denis Mihaela Panaitescu, Adriana Nicoleta Frone, Ioana Chiulan, Raluca Augusta Gabor, Ilie Catalin Spataru, Angela Căşărică 662-672
Chemical Modification of Laccase from Aspergillus oryzae and its Application in OCC Pulp PDF
Yangmei Chen, Jinquan Wan, Qitang Wu, Yongwen Ma 673-683
Improved Acetylation Efficacy of Wood Fibers by Ionic Liquid Pretreatment PDF
Xiaoping Shen, Yanjun Xie, Qingwen Wang 684-695
Increasing the Value Recovery from Short-Rotation Coppice Harvesting PDF
Stefan Paula Patrick Vanbeveren, Natascia Magagnotti, Raffaele Spinelli 696-703
Enhancement of Biogas Production by Co-Digestion of Maize Silage with Common Goldenrod Rich in Biologically Active Compounds PDF
Marta Oleszek, Izabela Krzemińska 704-714
Factors Affecting Spinnability of Oil Palm Mesocarp Fiber Cellulose Solution for the Production of Microfiber PDF
Tengku Arisyah Tengku Yasim-Anuar, Hidayah Ariffin, Mohd Nor Faiz Norrrahim, Mohd. Ali Hassan 715-734
Chitosan Derivatives as Bio-based Materials for Paper Heritage Conservation PDF
Florin Ciolacu, Raluca Nicu, Tudor Balan, Elena Bobu 735-747
Measuring Moisture Content of Wood Using a Transient Hot-Wire Technique PDF
Jingyao Zhao, Yingchun Cai 748-759
Development of Printability of Bio-Composite Materials Using Luffa cylindrica Fiber PDF
Sinan Sonmez 760-773
Development of Veneer-based Corrugated Composites, Part 1: Manufacture and Basic Material Properties PDF
Levente Denes, Elemer M. Lang, Joseph F. McNeel 774-784
Degradable Nursery Containers Made of Rice Husk and Cornstarch Composites PDF
Enhui Sun, Hongying Huang, Fengwen Sun, Guofeng Wu, Zhizhou Chang 785-798
Physicochemical Conditions for Adsorption of Lead from Water by Rice Husk Ash PDF
Chidozie Charles Nnaji, Chinwe J. Ebeagwu, Emmanuel Ikechukwu Ugwu 799-818
Measuring the Modulus of Elasticity of Thermally Treated Spruce Wood using the Ultrasound and Resonance Methods PDF
Tomáš Holeček, Miroslav Gašparík, Rastislav Lagaňa, Vlastimil Borůvka, Eliška Oberhofnerová 819-838
Utilizing Poppy Husk-based Particleboards as an Alternative Material in Case Furniture Construction PDF
Mustafa Küçüktüvek, Ali Kasal, Tolga Kuşkun, Yusuf Ziya Erdil 839-852
Lumber Volume and Value Recovery from Small-Diameter Black Cherry, Sugar Maple, and Red Oak Logs PDF
Jan Wiedenbeck, Matthew S. Scholl, Paul R. Blankenhorn, Charles D. Ray 853-870
The Properties and Application of an Ultrasonic Wheat Straw Pulp having Enhanced Tendency for Ash Formation PDF
Liyan Xing, Ming Xu, Junwen Pu 871-881
Highly Active and Reusable Kenaf Cellulose Supported Bio-Poly(hydroxamic acid) Functionalized Copper Catalysts for C–N Bond Formation Reactions PDF
Siti Hajar Mohamad Ros, Md. Shaharul Islam, Md. Lutfor Rahman, Shah Samiur Rashid, Zaira Zaman Chowdhury, Md. Eaqub Ali, Shaheen M. Sarkar 882-898
Characterization of Value-Added Non-Carbohydrate Compounds Solubilized during Acidic Hot Water Flowthrough Pretreatment of Poplar Wood PDF
Lishi Yan, Ruoshui Ma, Quan Bu, Liangzhi Li, Xiao Zhou, Yiwen Xu, Cuiying Hu 899-911
Dimensional Stability and Mechanical Properties of Plantation Poplar Wood Esterified Using Acetic Anhydride PDF
Yubo Chai, Junliang Liu, Zhe Wang, Yong Zhao 912-922

Review Articles (Peer Reviewed)

Hydrothermal Treatments Applied to Agro- and Forest-Industrial Waste to Produce High Added-Value Compounds PDF
María Evangelina Vallejos, Fernando Esteban Felissia, Maria Cristina Area

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