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Vol 13, No 3 (2018)

Table of Contents

Editorials (Opinion Pieces)

Filler Bondability Factor as a Tool for Maximizing the Potential of Mineral Additives in Paper Production PDF
Shunxi Song, Peiyao Wang, Meiyun Zhang 4770-4772
China’s New Regulations on Waste Paper Importing and their Impacts on Global Waste Paper Recycling and the Papermaking Industry in China PDF
Zicheng Chen, Xiaopeng Yue, Zhibin He, Lanhe Zhang 4773-4775

Research Articles (Peer Reviewed)

Newly Developed Boards Made from Crushed Rapeseed Stalk and their Bendability Properties PDF
Milan Gaff, Štěpán Hýsek, Adam Sikora, Marián Babiak 4776-4794
Production of Bioethanol from Sweet Potato Tubers with Different Storage Times PDF
Shuang-Qi Tian, Ren-Yong Zhao, Junl-Lan Zhao 4795-4806
Microbial Diversity of Paulownia spp. Leaves – A New Source of Green Manure PDF
Małgorzata Woźniak, Anna Gałązka, Jarosław Grządziel, Magdalena Frąc 4807-4819
Tannin Extraction and Characterization of Polar Extracts from the Barks of Two Eucalyptus urophylla Hybrids PDF
Caroline J. Sartori, Graciene Silva Mota, Isabel Miranda, Fábio Akira Mori, Helena Pereira 4820-4831
Graphene Oxide from Indonesian Biomass: Synthesis and Characterization PDF
Ganden Supriyanto, Nia K. Rukman, Atina Khoiron Nisa, Miftakhul Jannatin, Benedictus Piere, Abdullah Abdullah, Mohamad Zakki Fahmi, Heri Septya Kusuma 4832-4840
Recycling of Colored Office Paper. Part II: Post-bleaching with Formamidine Sulfinic Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide PDF
Emrah Peşman, Mehtap Parlak 4841-4855
Effect of Moisture Content on the Air Permeability of Oriented Strand Boards PDF
Matěj Hodoušek, Martin Böhm, Anna Součková, Štěpán Hýsek 4856-4869
Production of Multiple Biofuels from Whole Camelina Material: A Renewable Energy Crop PDF
Balsam T. Mohammad, Mohammad Al-Shannag, Mohammad Alnaief, Lakhveer Singh, Eric Singsaas, Malek Alkasrawi 4870-4883
Phenols Production from Online Catalytic Conversion of Corn Stalk Pyrolysis Vapors using Char in-situ PDF
Yunchao Li, Xianhua Wang, Huawei Song, Jingai Shao, Hongtao Ma, Hanping Chen 4884-4896
Comparative Evaluation of Enzymatic Hydrolysis Potential of Eichhornia crassipes and Sugarcane Bagasse for Fermentable Sugar Production PDF
Kai Xiao, Wenbing Zhou, Mingjian Geng, Wei Feng, Yanyan Wang, Naidong Xiao, Duanwei Zhu, Feng Zhu, Guanglong Liu 4897-4915
Direct Dissolution and Spinning of the Agricultural Waste of Corn Straw Pulp PDF
Xin Gao, Yongqi Yu, Zeming Jiang, Yang Liu, Wentao Zhang, Liping Zhang 4916-4930
Characterization of Moderately Thermostable α-Amylase-producing Bacillus licheniformis from Decaying Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes PDF
Muhammad Adnan Ashraf, Muhammad Imran Arshad, Sajjad Ur Rahman, Ahrar Khan 4931-4945
Effect of Delignification on Hemicellulose Extraction from Switchgrass, Poplar, and Pine and Its Effect on Enzymatic Convertibility of Cellulose-rich Residues PDF
Wenhui Geng, Richard A. Venditti, Joel J. Pawlak, Hou-min Chang 4946-4963
Resistance of Eucalyptus and Corymbia Treated Woods against Three Fungal Species PDF
Dercilio Junior Verly Lopes, Juarez Benigno Paes, Gabrielly dos Santos Bobadilha 4964-4972
Kinetic Analysis of Fe(II)-promoted Ethanol Preparation from Cornstalks PDF
Kun Chen, Dehuan Liu, Xu Chen, Zhiwen Fan 4973-4985
Synthesis and Characterization of Maleic Anhydride-grafted Orange Waste for Potential Use in Biocomposites PDF
Veronika Bátori, Mostafa Jabbari, Rajiv K. Srivastava, Dan Åkesson, Patrik R. Lennartsson, Akram Zamani, Mohammad J. Taherzadeh 4986-4997
Effect of Pretreatments on Compost Production from Shredded Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch with Palm Oil Mill Effluent Anaerobic Sludge and Chicken Manure PDF
Nurul Husna Che Hamzah, Azmi Yahya, Hasfalina Che Man, Azhari Samsu Baharuddin 4998-5012
Production of Fungal Biomass Protein by Filamentous Fungi Cultivation on Liquid Waste Streams from Pulping Process PDF
Mohammadtaghi Asadollahzadeh, Ali Ghasemian, Ahmadreza Saraeian, Hossein Resalati, Mohammad J. Taherzadeh 5013-5031
New Technology for Producing Fibrillar Fines Directly from Wood PDF
Ilkka Nurminen, Erkki Saharinen, Jari Sirviö 5032-5041
The pH Behavior of Seventeen Deep Eutectic Solvents PDF
Andrea Skulcova, Albert Russ, Michal Jablonsky, Jozef Sima 5042-5051
Characterization of Culturable Bacteria from Pulp and Paper Industry Wastewater, with the Potential for Degradation of Cellulose, Starch, and Lipids PDF
Ana Maria Bailon-Salas, Luis Alberto Ordaz-Díaz, Sergio Valle-Cervantes, Javier López-Miranda, Norma Urtiz-Estrada, Jesus Bernando Páez-Lerma, Juan Antonio Rojas-Contreras 5052-5064
Effect of Cold Plasma Surface Pre-treatment of Wheat Straw Particles on Straw Board Properties PDF
Štěpán Hýsek, Milan Podlena, Martin Böhm, Henry Bartsch, Christoph Wenderdel 5065-5079
Effect of Integration Method and Carbonization Temperature on the Performance of an Integrated Hydrothermal Carbonization and CHP Plant PDF
Jussi Saari, Katja Kuparinen, Ekaterina Sermyagina, Esa Vakkilainen, Juha Kaikko, Vitaly Sergeev 5080-5110
Comparative Reliability Analysis of Selected Joints for Case Furniture PDF
Robert Kłos, Beata Fabisiak, Hon Keung Tony Ng 5111-5123
Micro-distribution, Water Absorption, and Dimensional Stability of Wood Treated with Epoxidized Plant Oils PDF
Gaye Köse Demirel, Ali Temiz, Mohamed Jebrane, Nasko Terziev, Engin Derya Gezer 5124-5138
Improvement to the Solubility and Reactivity of Purified Bamboo Fibers Using a Combined Chemi-mechanical Process PDF
Man Li, Guigan Fang, Zhaosheng Cai, Jing Zhou, Hongyu Fan 5139-5152
Lignin Content of Agro-forestry Biomass Negatively Affects the Resultant Biochar pH PDF
Yuwei Huang, Fengcheng Li, Jun Meng, Wenfu Chen 5153-5163
ZnCl2 Pretreatment of Bamboo Chips to Produce Chemi-thermomechanical Pulp: Saving Refining Energy and Improving Pulp Properties PDF
Zhijun Hu, Brian Musikavanhu, Jing Li, Jiang Li, Zhibin He 5164-5178
Axial Loading of Different Single-pin Dowels and Effect on Withdrawal Strength PDF
Milan Podlena, Štěpán Hýsek, Jiří Procházka, Martin Böhm, Jan Bomba 5179-5192
The Effects of Time and Temperature in Hydrothermal Pretreatment on the Enzymatic Efficiency of Wheat Straw PDF
Qian Chen, Kaige Chen, Kun Wang, Jianfeng Ma, Haiyan Yang, Jinghuan Chen 5193-5203
Analysis of the Physical and Chemical Properties of Activated Carbons Based on Hulless Barley Straw and Plain Wheat Straw Obtained by H3PO4 Activation PDF
Bing Wang, Yonggang Li, Hongyu Si, Huiyuan Chen, Ming Zhang, Tao Song 5204-5212
Degumming Crude Enzyme Produced by Bacillus cereus HDYM-02 and its Application in Flax Retting PDF
Dan Zhao, Chao Pan, Wenxiang Ping, Jingping Ge 5213-5224
Acetone–Butanol–Ethanol Fermentation of Non-detoxified Dilute Acid extracted Hemicellulosic Hydrolysate from the Short-rotation Coppice Salix schwerinii E. Wolf PDF
Suvi Kuittinen, Ming Yang, Erik Kaipiainen, Aki Villa, Markku Keinänen, Jouko Vepsäläinen, Ari Pappinen 5225-5240
Estimating Design Values for Two-Pin Moment Resisting Dowel Joints with Lower Tolerance Limit Approach PDF
Mesut Uysal, Eva Haviarova 5241-5253
Innovation in the Malaysian Furniture Industry: Drivers and Challenges PDF
Jegatheswaran Ratnasingam, Khoon Ark Chin, Hazirah Abdul Latib, Hasshviny Subramaniam, Albert Khoo 5254-5270
Structure and Saccharification of Corn Stover Pretreated with Sulfur Trioxide Micro-Thermal Explosion and Dilute Alkali (STEX-DA) PDF
Zhijiang Dong, Fenghe Li, Huai Wang, Shengsong Deng, Risheng Yao 5271-5288
Preference of Using Wood and Wood Products in the Construction Industry in Peninsular Malaysia PDF
Jegatheswaran Ratnasingam, Hazirah Ab Latib, Wai Cheng Ng, Mutthiah Cellathurai, Khoon Ark Chin, Abdul Latib Senin, Choon Liat Lim 5289-5302
Hydrolysis of Cationic Polyacrylamide and its Effect on Flocculation of Ground Calcium Carbonate PDF
Dongil Seo, Kyudeok Oh, Wanhee Im, Hak Lae Lee 5303-5318
Effect of Micro- and Nanofibrillated Cellulose on the Drying Shrinkage, Extensibility, and Strength of Fibre Networks PDF
Annika E. Ketola, Anders Strand, Anna Sundberg, Jarmo Kouko, Antti Oksanen, Kristian Salminen, Shiyu Fu, Elias Retulainen 5319-5342
Shear Stress and Interlaminar Shear Strength Tests of Cross-laminated Timber Beams PDF
Yao Lu, Wenbo Xie, Zheng Wang, Zizhen Gao 5343-5359
Extensible Cellulosic Fibre-polyurethane Composites Prepared via the Papermaking Pathway PDF
Alexey Vishtal, Alexey Khakalo, Elias Antero Retulainen 5360-5376
Enhancing the Ethanol Yield from Salix Using a Clostridium thermocellum and Thermoanaerobacterium thermosaccharolyticum Co-Culture System PDF
Jian Pang, Min Hao, Yali Shi, Yongli Li, Mingda Zhu, Jianhua Hu, Jianguo Liu, Qiancheng Zhang, Zhanying Liu 5377-5393
Evaluation of Alternative Sample Preparation Methods for Development of NIR Models to Assess Chemical Properties of Wood PDF
Talita Baldin, José Newton Cardoso Marchiori, Glêison Augusto dos Santos, Ricardo Gallo, Osmarino dos Santos, Brigida M. Reis Teixeira Valente, Paulo Ricardo Gherardi Hein 5394-5407
Kinetic Study on Iso-concentration Hydrogen Peroxide Bleaching of Poplar Chemi-thermomechanical Pulp by the Process of Continuous Chemical Supplement PDF
Xianqi Sun, Qingxi Hou, Haizhen Shi, Lichun Zhou 5408-5415
Effect of Selected Factors on Stiffness of Dowel Joints PDF
Vladimír Záborský, Adam Sikora, Milan Gaff, Václava Kašičková, Vlastimil Borůvka 5416-5431
Cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus, a Potential Candidate for Biogas Residues Degradation PDF
Jun-Liang Zhou, Shuang Song, Zhen-Xing Huang, Li Yang, An-Guo Jiao, Yu Liu, Shou-Xian Wang 5432-5449
Effects of Pyrolysis Mode and Particle Size on the Microscopic Characteristics and Mercury Adsorption Characteristics of Biomass Char PDF
Li Jia, Bao-guo Fan, Ben Li, Yu-Xing Yao, Rui-Peng Huo, Rui Zhao, Xiao-Lei Qiao, Yan Jin 5450-5471
In-situ Observation on the Morphological Behavior of Bamboo under Flexural Stress with Respect to its Fiber-foam Composite Structure PDF
Meiling Chen, Benhua Fei 5472-5478
High Quality Bio-oil Production from Catalytic Microwave-assisted Pyrolysis of Pine Sawdust PDF
Xinyun Wang, Fengyi Wu, Chuan Li, Mingqiang Chen, Jun Wang 5479-5490
Effect of Grain Direction on Cutting Forces and Chip Geometry during Green Beech Wood Machining PDF
Rémi Curti, Bertrand Marcon, Louis Denaud, Robert Collet 5491-5503
A Comparative Study of Some of the Mechanical Properties of Pine Wood Heat Treated in Vacuum, Nitrogen, and Air Atmospheres PDF
Bekir Cihad Bal 5504-5511
Alumina-Supported Cu(II), Co(II), and Fe(II) Complexes as Catalyst for Esterification of Biomass-derived Levulinic Acid with Trimethylolpropane (TMP) and Pentaerythritol (PE) and Upgrading via Hydrogenation PDF
Md. Anwar Hossain, Cheryl Low Yi Lian, Md. Al-Amin A. A. Islam, Md. Chanmiya Sheikh, Juan Joon Ching, Lee Hwei Voon 5512-5533
Effect of Thermal Treatment on the Heat of Vaporization of Bound Water by NMR and DSC Analysis PDF
Yingjie Guo, Minghui Zhang, Yanjun Xie, Haiou Chen, Zefang Xiao 5534-5542
Lower-Temperature Pyrolysis to Prepare Biochar from Agricultural Wastes and Adsorption for Pb2+ PDF
Chunyan Zhang, Chunxia He, Yinhu Qiao 5543-5553
Isolation, Purification, and Investigation of Some Properties of Glucose Oxidase of the Wood-Degrading Fungus Lentinus (Panus) tigrinus Strain VKM F-3616D PDF
Nelli Atykyan, Davud Kadimaliev, Victor Revin, Ekaterina Levina 5554-5568
Effect of Three Different Mineral Components on the Properties of Wood Flour/High-density Polyethylene Composites: A Comparison PDF
Xingxing Yang, Chunxia He, Hongxia Yan, Min Wang, Limei Zhao 5569-5579
New Method to Evaluate the Frictional Behavior within the Forming Gap during the Deep Drawing Process of Paperboard PDF
Alexander Lenske, Tobias Müller, Marek Hauptmann, Jens-Peter Majschak 5580-5597
Preparation of Nanocellulose Directly from Kenaf Bast: The Change in Particle Size PDF
Wei Jiang, Shaoyang Liu, Chengfeng Zhou, Shouwu Gao, Yan Song, Wei Li, Weixia Zhu, Yuanyuan Lv, Guangting Han 5598-5607
Study on Contact Force Relaxation Behavior of Mortise-and-Tenon Joints Considering Tenon Fits and Grain Orientations of Tenon PDF
Wen Gang Hu, Hui Wan, Hui Yuan Guan 5608-5616
Green Design of a Cellulosic Butanol Supply Chain Network: A Case Study of Sorghum Stem Bio-butanol in Missouri PDF
Li Liang, Henry Jose Quesada 5617-5642
Anti-Mildew Properties of Copper Cured Heat-Treated Wood PDF
Guijun Xie, Yongdong Zhou, Yongjian Cao, Lamei Li 5643-5655
Removal of the Pesticide Imidacloprid from Aqueous Solution by Biochar Derived from Peanut Shell PDF
Ruili Zhao, Xinxin Ma, Jinqiao Xu, Qingming Zhang 5656-5669
Kinetics of Oxidation of a Hemicellulose Model Compound by Chlorine Dioxide in Bleaching PDF
Shuangquan Yao, Chengqi Feng, Cheng Wang, Baojie Liu, Lingzhi Huang, Shuangxi Nie, Tianyi Zhang, Chengrong Qin 5670-5683
Utilization of Aquatic Weeds Fibers for Handmade Papermaking PDF
Lau Sheng Hann Emmclan, Muta Harah Zakaria, Japar Sidik Bujang 5684-5701
Decay Resistance of Polymerized Ionic Liquid-modified Woods PDF
Hiroki Sakagami, Saki Higurashi, Tetsuya Tsuda, Satoshi Seino, Susumu Kuwabata 5702-5710
Physical, Tensile, and Biodegradability Properties of Cross-linked Polyvinyl Alcohol/Palm Kernel Shell Powder Biocomposites PDF
Nur Fazreen Alias, Hanafi Ismail, Mohamad Kahar Ab. Wahab, Santiagoo Ragunathan, Hosta Ardhyananta, Sam Sung Ting 5711-5724
Mechanical Properties of a Novel Fibre Metal Laminate Reinforced with the Carbon, Flax, and Sugar Palm Fibres PDF
Muthukumar Chandrasekar, Mohamad Ridzwan Ishak, Mohd Sapuan Salit, Zulkiflle Leman, Mohammad Jawaid, Jesu Naveen 5725-5739
Evaluation of Microbial Community Composition of Dairy Sewage Sludge, Corn Silage, Grass Straw, and Fruit Waste Biomass for Potential Use in Biogas Production or Soil Enrichment PDF
Karolina Oszust, Magdalena Frac 5740-5764
Economical and Efficient Use of Fly Ash for Newsprint Paper Quality Improvement PDF
Anuj Kumar Verma, Sundaramurthy Suresh, Dinesh Mohta 5765-5777
Distribution and Composition Analysis of Essential Oils Extracted from Different Parts of Cupressus funebris and Juniperus chinensis PDF
Jianhua Lyu, Junqi Zhao, Jiulong Xie, Xianwei Li, Ming Chen 5778-5792
Synthesis and Characterization of Dialdehyde Cellulose/ Silver Composites by Microwave-assisted Hydrothermal Method PDF
Bin Wang, Chang Ma, Lian-Hua Fu, Xing-Xiang Ji, Fan-Chen Jing, Shan Liu, Ming-Guo Ma 5793-5804
Utilization of Steam-Exploded Corn Straw to Produce Biofuel Butanol via Fermentation with a Newly Selected Strain of Clostridium acetobutylicum PDF
Xia Zhang, Xiaohang Feng, Hui Zhang, Yichang Wei 5805-5817
Ultrasound Test for Root Wood Elastomechanical Characterization PDF
Nina Maria Ornelas Cavalcanti, Raquel Goncalves, Sergio Brazolin, Cinthya Bertoldo, Monica Ruy 5818-5835
Adsorption Behaviors of Acidic and Basic Dyes by Thiourea-modified Nanocomposite Aerogels Based on Nanofibrillated Cellulose PDF
Kai Liu, Lihui Chen, Liulian Huang, Shan Lin, Shilin Cao, Hongping Wang 5836-5849
The Effects of Syringaldehyde and Vanillin on Butyric Acid Production by Fermentation Using Clostridium tyrobutyricum PDF
Ying Liu, Yingxi Geng, Quan Zhou, Wenqiao Yuan 5850-5861
Impact of Steaming on the Chemical Composition of Maple Wood PDF
Eva Výbohová, Jarmila Geffertová, Anton Geffert 5862-5874
One-Pot NaOH/Urea Pretreatment and Saccharification of Corn Stover for Fermentable Sugar Production PDF
Qianqian Zhu, Wei Wei, Jianzhong Sun, Qianqian Wang 5875-5882
Directional Laminated Thermally Modified Bamboo: Physical, Mechanical, and Fire Properties PDF
Xiaomeng Yang, Tao Zhang, Changle Jiang, Jingxin Wang, Benhua Fei, Zhijia Liu, Zehui Jiang 5883-5893
Preparation of Cellulosic Air Filters with Controllable Pore Structures via Organic Solvent-based Freeze Casting: The Key Role of Fiber Dispersion and Pore Size PDF
Shanshan Ma, Meiyun Zhang, Bin Yang, Shunxi Song, Jingyi Nie, Peng Lu 5894-5908
Preparation of Cellulose Nanofiber-reinforced Gelatin Hydrogel and Optimization for 3D Printing Applications PDF
Yani Jiang, Xiaodong Xv, Dongfang Liu, Zhe Yang, Qi Zhang, Hongcan Shi, Guoqi Zhao, Jiping Zhou 5909-5924
One-pot Synthesis of High Value-added Chemicals from Furfural over Bimetal-doped Beta Zeolite and Carbon Solid Acid Catalysts PDF
Yijuan Lu, Wenzhi Li, Yuanshuai Zhu, Tingwei Zhang, Qi Zhang, Qiying Liu 5925-5941
Determination of Surface Roughness Based on the Sanding Parameters of Oriental Beech Wood PDF
Abdullah Cemil Ilce 5942-5952
Effects of Ultrasound Pretreatment on Microstructure and Drying Characteristics of Eucalyptus urophylla × E. grandis PDF
Honghai Liu, Yueting Zhang, Lin Yang, Zhihui Wu 5953-5964
Effects of the Conditions of the TEMPO/NaBr/NaClO System on Carboxyl Groups, Degree of Polymerization, and Yield of the Oxidized Cellulose PDF
Changmei Lin, Tong Zeng, Qinhua Wang, Liulian Huang, Yonghao Ni, Fang Huang, Xiaojuan Ma, Shilin Cao 5965-5975
Effects of Biomass Type, Carbonization Process, and Activation Method on the Properties of Bio-Based Activated Carbons PDF
Virpi Siipola, Tarja Tamminen, Anssi Källi, Riikka Lahti, Henrik Romar, Kimmo Rasa, Riikka Keskinen, Jari Hyväluoma, Markus Hannula, Hanne Wikberg 5976-6002
Customer Behavior on the Slovakian Roundwood Market: A Case Study PDF
Daniel Halaj, Mariana Sedliačiková, Denisa Malá 6003-6020
Slip Modulus of Screws in Timber and Lightweight Concrete Composite Structures PDF
Ljiljana Kozaric, Danijel Kukaras, Aleksandar Prokic, Miroslav Besevic, Milan Kekanovic 6021-6032
Effect of Methylene Blue on the Properties and Microbial Community of Anaerobic Granular Sludge PDF
Cancan Zhu, Qiming Feng, Haitong Ma, Ming Wu, Ding Wang, Zhiwei Wang 6033-6046
Bonding Technology for Bamboo-based Fiber Reinforced Composites with Phyllostachys bambusoides f. shouzhu Yi PDF
Yu’an Hu, Mei He, Xiaoxia Hu, Wei Song, Zhenghao Chen, Yanglun Yu, Shuangbao Zhang, Wenji Yu 6047-6061
Effect of the Ca2+ Concentration on Anaerobic Digestion and Microbial Communities of Granular Sludge PDF
Zhiwei Wang, Cancan Zhu, Min Yi, Zhenzhen Yang, Qimeng Feng, Shuangfei Wang 6062-6076
Synthesis and Application of Carboxymethyl Cellulose from Gliricidia sepium and Cola gigantea PDF
Taiwo Oluwsola Abe, Labunmi Lajide, Bodunde Joseph Owolabi, Albert Ojo Adebayo, Joseph Kolawole Ogunjobi, Olugbenga Oludayo Oluwasina 6077-6097
Design and Experiment for a Numerical Control Nanosecond Water-jet-guided Laser Processing Test Bench PDF
Chunmei Yang, Zhaojun Deng, Li Feng, Xinbo Jiang, Can Guo, Yan Ma 6098-6109
Characterization of Physically Crosslinked Ionic Liquid-lignocellulose Hydrogels PDF
Ionut Claudiu Roata, Catalin Croitoru, Alexandru Pascu, Elena Manuela Stanciu 6110-6121
Rapid Determination of Cellulose Content in Pulp using Near Infrared Modeling Technique PDF
Chengfeng Zhou, Guangting Han, Shouwu Gao, Meiyi Xing, Yang Song, Wei Jiang 6122-6132
Effect of Technological Parameters of Machining on Energy Efficiency in Face Milling of Heat-Treated Oak Wood PDF
Peter Koleda, Štefan Barcík, Adriana Nociarová 6133-6146
Effect of Sulfonation Treatment Concentration on the Properties of Mulberry Chemi-mechanical Pulp PDF
Lianxin Luo, Guangxing Li, Ye Jin, Yi Liu, Kelei Zhang, Shuangfei Wang 6147-6159
Triterpenoids and Steroids from the Bark of Pinus merkusii (Pinaceae) PDF
Masendra Masendra, Tatsuya Ashitani, Koetsu Takahashi, Ganis Lukmandaru 6160-6170
Fracture Toughness and Shear Yield Strength Determination for Two Selected Species of Central European Provenance PDF
Luďka Hlásková, Kazimierz A. Orlowski, Zdeněk Kopecký, Martin Sviták, Tomasz Ochrymiuk 6171-6186
Effect of Novel DOPO-g-Coupling Agent Treated Wood Fibers on Properties of Composite Phenolic Foams PDF
Yufeng Ma, Xiang Geng, Xi Zhang 6187-6200
Arabinoxylan and Nanocellulose from a Kilogram-scale Extraction of Barley Husk PDF
Mikaela Börjesson, Linda Härdelin, Filip Nylander, Kristina Karlsson, Anette Larsson, Gunnar Westman 6201-6220
Bamboo-derived Magnetic Carbonaceous Solid Acid Catalyst for the Conversion of Corncob into Furfural Promoted by Warm Water Immersion PDF
Huiling Li, Yuqi Wang, Yikui Zhu, Xujian Xu, Aimin Wu, Xiaomei Deng 6221-6237
Mechanical Performance of Roselle/Sugar Palm Fiber Hybrid Reinforced Polyurethane Composites PDF
A. M. Radzi, S. M. Sapuan, M. Jawaid, M. R. Mansor 6238-6249
Predicting Color Change in Wood During Heat Treatment Using an Artificial Neural Network Model PDF
Thi Hai Van Nguyen, Tat Thang Nguyen, Xiaodi Ji, Minghui Guo 6250-6264
Effect of Wax and Dimethyl Silicone Oil Pretreatment on Wood Hygroscopicity, Chemical Components, and Dimensional Stability PDF
Jing Qian, Zhengbin He, Jinpeng Li, Zhenyu Wang, Lijie Qu, Songlin Yi 6265-6279
Consumer Preferences for Wooden Furniture in Croatia and Slovakia PDF
Vladislav Kaputa, Andreja Pirc Barčić, Hana Maťová, Darko Motik 6280-6299
How to Manage Careers in Slovak Small and Medium-sized Wood-processing Enterprises PDF
Miloš Hitka, Lenka Ližbetinová, Jarmila Schmidtová, Žaneta Balážová, Silvia Lorincová, Peter Štarchoň, Alžbeta Kucharčíková, Mariana Sedliačiková 6300-6320
Enhancement of the Strength of Biocomposite Films via Graphene Oxide Modification PDF
Sijie Wang, Gang Liu, Junwen Pu 6321-6331
Enzymatic Saccharification of Eucalyptus Chips with a Pretreatment Process Using NH4Cl PDF
Dan Huo, Dongsheng Wang, Qiulin Yang, Chuanling Si, Qiujuan Liu, Bin Li, Fengshan Zhang 6332-6340
Experimental Investigation on Performance of Short Pineapple Leaf Fiber Reinforced Tapioca Biopolymer Composites PDF
Jamiluddin Jaafar, Januar Parlaungan Siregar, Ahmed Nurye Oumer, Mohammad Hazim Mohd. Hamdan, Cionita Tezara, Mohd. Sapuan Salit 6341-6355
Carbon Black Filled Shell of High Density Wood-Polyethylene Composites to Balance the Antistatic Properties and Mechanical Properties PDF
Chaozheng Liu, Changtong Mei, Ke Wang, Min Jiang, Weimin Chen, Bo Liu 6356-6369
Gene Cloning and Functional Characterization of Three 1-Deoxy-D-Xylulose 5-Phosphate Synthases in Simao Pine PDF
Yi Wang, Xiaolong Yuan, Siguang Li, Wei Chen, Jiang Li 6370-6382
Thermal Degradation Behavior of Ball-milled Miscanthus Plants and Its Relationship to Enzymatic Hydrolysis PDF
Akihiro Hideno 6383-6395
Physical and Mechanical Properties of Boards Made from Modified Rapeseed Straw Particles PDF
Štěpán Hýsek, Adam Sikora, Ondřej Schönfelder, Martin Böhm 6396-6408
Surface Modification of Tire Rubber Waste by Air Plasma for Application in Wood-Cement Panels PDF
Alan Pereira Vilela, Danillo Wisky Silva, Lourival Marin Mendes, Maria Alice Martins, Lívia Elisabeth Vasconcellos de Siqueira Brandão Vaz, Rafael Farinassi Mendes 6409-6427
Load-carrying Capacity and the Size of Chair Joints Determined for Users with a Higher Body Weight PDF
Miloš Hitka, Pavol Joščák, Nadežda Langová, Lubos Krišťák, Silvia Blašková 6428-6443
Investigation into the Optimal Dyeing Method for Bluegum (Eucalyptus globulus) Veneer PDF
Ngoc Bao Nguyen, Barbara Ozarska, Macarthur Fergusson, Peter Vinden 6444-6464
Combustion Characteristics of Cattle Manure and Pulverized Coal Co-firing under Oxy-Fuel Atmosphere in Non-Isothermal and Isothermal Conditions PDF
Yao Zhu, Baojun Yi, Qiaoxia Yuan, Hongliang Cao, Shuiping Yan 6465-6479
Fabrication and Characterization of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle-treated Kenaf Polymer Composites for Weather Resistance Based on a Solar UV Radiation PDF
Mohammed Mohammed, Rozyanty Rozyanty, Aeshah Muhana Mohammed, Azlin F. Osman, Tijjani Adam, Omar S. Dahham, Uda Hashim, Nik Z. Noriman, Bashir O. Betar 6480-6496
Quantitative Analysis of the Economic Risk of Sugarcane Cultivation for Bioethanol Production: A Case Study in Brazil PDF
Danilo Simões, Ricardo Ghantous Cervi, Gislaine Cristina Batistela 6497-6509
Performance Analysis of Ternary Composites with Lignin, Eucalyptus Fiber, and Polyvinyl Chloride PDF
Lei Wang, Chunxia He, Xiaolin Li, Xin Yang 6510-6523
Evaluation of the Association between Natural Mold Resistance and Chemical Components of Nine Wood Species PDF
Jing Feng, Chengbin Li, Juan Chen, Mingjie Chen, Xiulin Shu, Qingshan Shi 6524-6541
Cushion Stiffness of Upholstered Wooden Seat Foundations When Subjected to Human Sitting Forces PDF
Min Li, Xiaoling Zhou, Zhihui Wu, Jilei Zhang 6542-6554
Activity of Spent Coffee Ground Cinnamates against Wood-decaying Fungi in vitro PDF
Aitor Barbero-López, Antonio Ochoa-Retamero, Yeray López-Gómez, Teemu Vilppo, Martti Venäläinen, Anu Lavola, Riitta Julkunen-Tiitto, Antti Haapala 6555-6564
Ethanol Production from Vineplant Waste Hydrolysate Sugars by Native Yeast Strains PDF
Evrim Özkale Kaya, Yasemin Doğan, Hüsniye Tansel Yalçın 6565-6576
Compression Behaviors of Wood-based Lattice Sandwich Structures PDF
Dongxia Yang, Yingcheng Hu, Changsheng Fan 6577-6590
Insulation Properties of Boards Made from Long Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) Fibers PDF
Radosław Mirski, Dorota Dziurka, Adrian Trociński 6591-6599
Plastic Composites Made from Glycerol, Citric Acid, and Forest Components PDF
Rasika L. Kudahettige-Nilsson, Henrik Ullsten, Gunnar Henriksson 6600-6612
Mechanical Fragmentation of Wheat Straw at Different Plant Scales: Pb2+ Adsorption Behavior and Mechanism PDF
Yaoyao Cao, Weihua Xiao, Guanghui Shen, Guanya Ji, Yang Zhang, Chongfeng Gao, Lujia Han 6613-6630
A Filler Distribution Factor and its Relationship with the Critical Properties of Mineral-Filled Paper PDF
Shunxi Song, Shibo Yuan, Meiyun Zhang, Lin Li, Bin Yang, Jingyi Nie, Zhaoqing Lu 6631-6641
Modelling and Optimization of the Last Two Stages of an Environmentally-Compatible TCF Bleaching Sequence PDF
Tamara Llano, Carlos Arce, Gema Ruiz, Naveen Chenna, Alberto Coz 6642-6662
Cellulose Structural Change in Various Biomass Species Pretreated by Ionic Liquid at Different Biomass Loadings PDF
Takatsugu Endo, Shunsuke Fujii, Ei Mon Aung, Kosuke Kuroda, Takayuki Tsukegi, Kazuaki Ninomiya, Kenji Takahashi 6663-6677
A Comparative Study of One-step and Stepwise Pyrolysis of Furfural Residue and its Kinetic Analysis PDF
Liang Cheng, Yimeng Zhang, Jianbin Zhou, Shu Zhang 6678-6693
The Preparation of CaCO3/Wood Composites Using a Chemical Precipitation Method and its Flame-Retardant and Mechanically Beneficial Properties PDF
Lili Huang, Xiaolin Yao, Yongtong Huang, Qingsong Wang 6694-6706
The Impact Performance of Bamboo Oriented Strand Board and Computed Tomography Technique for Detecting Internal Damage PDF
Yuhui Sun, Zehui Jiang, Xiubiao Zhang, Zhengjun Sun, Xiaomeng Yang, Huanrong Liu 6707-6721
Production of Lactic Acid from Soybean Straw Using Immobilized Lactobacillus casei and Batch or Repeated-batch Fermentation PDF
Ming Gao, Juan Wang, Zhong Xu, Wenyu Zhang, Chuanfu Wu, Qunhui Wang 6722-6735
Effect of Temperature on the Properties of Charcoal Prepared from Carbonization of Biorefinery Lignin PDF
Xiao-Fei Wu, Shu-Xian Li, Ming-Fei Li 6736-6745
Impact of Mechanical Refining on the Heat Tolerance of Cellulosic Paper PDF
Fei Yang, Yanli Li, Yang Zhang, Yucheng Feng 6746-6756
Effects of pH on Biological Treatment of Paper Mill White Water with the Addition of Dominant Bacteria PDF
Huixia Lan, Hao Zhang, Da Yang, Jianbo Liu, Guowu Tang, Heng Zhang 6757-6765
Inferential Statistics of Quercus Species in Veneer Cutting PDF
Adela-Eliza Dumitrascu, Emilia-Adela Salca, Laurentiu Aurel Mihail, Valentina Doina Ciobanu, Elena-Camelia Musat 6766-6777

Review Articles (Peer Reviewed)

Nonaqueous Solution Deacidification Treatments to Prolong the Storage Life of Acidic Books: A Review of Mechanistic and Process Aspects PDF
Martin A. Hubbe, Ute Henniges, Antje Potthast, Kyujin Ahn, Richard D. Smith
Methods in the Synthesis and Conversion of 2,5-Bis-(hydroxylmethyl)furan from Bio-derived 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural and its Great Potential in Polymerization PDF
Junhua Zhang, Ting Wang, Xing Tang, Lincai Peng, Junnan Wei, Lu Lin

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