Manuel Javier Feria, Juan Carlos García, Antonio Pérez, Jose Lívio Gomide, Jorge Luiz Colodette, Francisco López


A variety of the Leucaena genus, Leucaena diversifolia, was used for pulp and paper making by kraft and refining processes and a OD(EP)DP bleaching sequence. The same species has been suggested as an energy crop and, in fact, this species used shows a high gross heating value; besides, this variety of Leucaena has appropriate characteristics for pulp and paper making. The holocellulose content was higher than Eucalyptus globulus, and ash and lignin contents were comparable to other varieties of Leucaena. Pulps with a kappa number between 17 and 18, and 21.4 cP viscosity were obtained using an active alkali concentration of 31%. Also, paper sheets showed good strength properties, comparable or even greater than those obtained with Eucalyptus or others varieties of Leucaena at comparable refining degrees, between 30 and 40 ºSR. The pulp was successfully bleached in all cases with a kappa number below 1.5 in the EP stage and a value of brightness higher than 90%.


Kraft pulp; Leucaena diversifolia; Paper; Pulp; Bleaching

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