Jian Wang, Xiaofan Zhou, Jinxia Ma


A novel process involving a paper-based ultrafiltration (UF) membrane was developed via paper coating technology. The membrane employed a paper sheet as support layer and a coated thin film layer of adhesive. The proper selection of paper sheet support layer was crucial to the performance of the ultrafiltration membrane. A paper sheet with beating degree of 85oSR and basis weight of 50g/m2 was chosen as the support. PVA was chosen as the adhesive. The paper-based ultrafiltration membrane achieved high retention performance while using a simple production process and keeping the production cost low. Disadvantages of the membrane included low porosity and low pure water flux. So further investigation is still needed to produce a fully satisfactory paper-based ultrafiltration membrane.


UF membrane; Coating; Porous support layer; Retention rate

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