Zhaolin Lv, Jing Dong, Bolin Zhang


This paper provides an applicable approach to identifying flavonoid compounds from bamboo leaves extracts, based on the use of the powerful Liquid Chromatography Electrospray Ionization source in combination with hybrid Ion Trap and high-resolution Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry (LC-(ESI)-IT-TOF/MS). The strategy involves four procedural steps including searching flavonoid components based on an ultraviolet spectrum scan, getting the accurate mass of flavonoid components parent ion, retrieving the corresponding formula by software, and speculating as to the chemical structure according to mass spectrum decomposition rules. The presently developed methodology has been well proven to be useful and valuable by successful application to the identification of flavonoid components from Dendrocalamopsis oldham leaves. All of the 13 flavonoid components detected have been successfully identified by this approach, except that it failed to confirm 3 flavonoid component chemical structures. The calibration curves of two flavonoid components (orientin and vitexin) that had been identified in bamboo leaves showed a good linear fit (R2≥0.9998) in the concentration range of 6.25 to 200 mg/L. The limits of detection (LOD) were less 0.02 mg/L (S/N=3), and the estimated limits of quantification (LOQ) were less 0.06 mg/L (S/N=10). Intra- and inter-day relative standard deviations were less than 1.04 and 1.82%, respectively.


LC-(ESI)-IT-TOF/MS; Flavonoid compounds; Bamboo leaves; Structure characterization

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