Fluorescent Semiconductor Nanocrystals, A Promising Fluorescent Anti-Counterfeiting Material for Specialty Paper

Qijie Chen, Fushan Chen, Yongxiang Yan


Fluorescent semiconductor nanocrystals, also called quantum dots (QDs), have unique electronic and optical properties. One of the most useful features of QDs is that whereas their absorption spectra are broad, their emission spectra are very narrow. Different QDs can emit different wavelengths of visible light under UV excitation. QDs as a fluorescent anti-counterfeiting material have been attracting great interest in the application of specialty papers, such as security paper, banknote paper, packaging paper, etc. An anti-counterfeiting technique using QDs is one of the newest achievements in the anti-counterfeiting field. In the long run, research and development in the area of QDs anti-counterfeiting will surely create many fruitful results.


Fluorescent semiconductor nanocrystals; Quantum dots (QDs); Fluorescent properties; Anti-counterfeiting properties; Special paper

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