Variation of Equilibrium Moisture Content of Heat-treated Couratari oblongifolia, Fraxinus excelsior, and Quercus rubra Wood

Qiaofang Zhou, Dengyun Tu, Li Liao, Qiong Guo


Heat treatment may result in variation of wood equilibrium moisture content (EMC). During this study, tauari (Couratari oblongifolia), ash (Fraxinus excelsior), and oak (Quercus rubra) woods were heat-treated at 190, 200, and 210ºC for 3 hours and then put into a conditioning chamber with a temperature from 30 to 75ºC and a relative humidity from 50 to 90%. The isothermal moisture adsorption curve was subsequently analyzed. Results indicated that the EMC of heat-treated wood was reduced by 23.4 to 37.4% compared to non-treated wood, but the EMC difference at different heat-treated temperatures for three hardwoods was quite small and the EMC of heat-treated wood was inversely proportional to their dry density.


Heat treatment; Equilibrium moisture content; Isothermal adsorption; Hygroscopicity

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