Novel Screening Technique: Integrated Combinatorial Green Chemistry & Life Cycle Analysis (CGC-LCA)

Carter W. Reeb, Lucian A. Lucia, Richard A. Venditti


The integration of combinatorial green chemistry (CGC), a more benign approach to combinatorial chemistry, with environmental life cycle assessment (LCA) methodologies as an improved process development methodology is discussed. It is expected that the CGC approach will require less labor and result in more globally optimized assay results, leading to more optimized unit process design. The technique utilizes chemical assay stage information to rapidly predict globally optimized process conditions based on techno-economic and LCA indicators. A simplified kraft pulping case study of the application of CGC-LCA is demonstrated herein, but CGC analyses could be applied to virtually any chemical-based project development and implementation project.


Combinatorial chemistry; Green chemistry; Life cycle analysis; Novel screening protocol; Assay evaluation

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