Development of Polyoxometalate-Ionic Liquid Compounds for Processing Cellulosic Biomass

Jude A. Abia, Ruya Ozer


A unique approach was used in which polyoxometalate-based ionic liquids (POM-IL) were synthesized and employed for the one-pot dissolution and conversion of biomass. A library of four functional POM-IL compounds was synthesized using two cationic organic groups (1-butyl-3-methylimidazolim and 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium) and two anionic POMs (phosphotungstate and tungstosilicate). The POM-IL compound serves a dual-purpose. First, it dissolves approximately 30 wt% of cellulosic biomass in 2 h at 200 °C. Second, analysis using HPLC confirmed that the POM-ILs catalyze conversion of biomass into commodity monosaccharides such as glucose and xylose. All of the prepared POM-IL compounds demonstrated dynamic thermal stabilities exceeding 300 °C and were characterized using IR and thermogravimetric analysis.


Cellulose; Polyoxometalate; Ionic liquids; Hydrolysis; Biomass; Monosaccharides; Biofuel

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