Nondestructive Testing and Performance Prediction of Soybean Stalk Board

Wei Lu, Jia Yao, Xiangdong Liu, Lili Ma, Yuhua Wang


Crop straw-reinforced industrial materials can be effectively used as wood replacements, so the nondestructive evaluation of the dynamic performance and the realization of in-service testing are necessary for further quality control. Three nondestructive testing methods based on fast Fourier transform analysis were used to establish the dynamic modulus of elasticity of soybean stalk-reinforced materials. The results were compared to destructive measurements of the static modulus of elasticity and modulus of rupture using a regression analysis method. Significant correlations existed between the dynamic modulus of elasticity, static modulus of elasticity, and modulus of rupture. The highest degree of correlation was obtained from the flexural vibration method. The correlation degree is similar to that between the static modulus of elasticity and the modulus of rupture. Using the regression equation, a performance prediction model was established that will enable the prediction of the mechanical properties and quality evaluation of soybean stalk board.


Soybean stalk board; Nondestructive testing; Modulus of elasticity; Modulus of rupture; Performance prediction model

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