Preparation and Properties of Biodegradable Planting Containers Made with Straw and Starch Adhesive

Guofeng Wu, Enhui Sun, Hongying Huang, Zhizhou Chang, Yueding Xu


A biodegradable planting container made with rice straw and starch adhesives modified by polyvinyl alcohol was studied in this paper. The effect of heat treatment and polyamide resin on the properties of planting containers was investigated. The physical property and biodegradability were characterized by means of hygroscopicity, FTIR, degradability, and the thermogravimetric analysis. The results showed that the dry strength of planting containers increased as a result of both treatments. The wet strength of planting containers increased as a result of heat treatment, while the wet strength of planting containers decreased as a result of polyamide resin. The hygroscopicity of planting containers decreased with heat treatment and polyamide resin. The effect of heat treatment was more obvious than the effect of polyamide resin. It was observed that the peak intensity and position were changed for the 3400 cm-1, 2900 cm-1, 1640 cm -1, 1500 cm-1, 1400 cm-1, and 1050 cm-1 under the treatment of polyamide resin. The weight loss of specimens treated with polyamide resin was larger because of the presence of nitrogen in the resin. The appearance of planting containers showed the heat treatment containers were not easily prone to mildew when used for planting. The thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) showed that heat treatment can improve the thermal stability, while the polyamide resin was shown to promote the degradation of planting containers.


Planting containers; Biodegradable; Starch adhesive; Heat treatment; Polyamide resin

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