Correction Factors for a Radio Frequency-Type Moisture Meter for Heat-Treated Wood

Tao Li, Jia-bin Cai, Lian-bai Gu, Tao Ding, Ding-guo Zhou


Moisture content (MC) has an important effect on the performance of wood in service. In an attempt to rapidly and non-destructively acquire the MC of heat-treated wood, a radio frequency-type moisture meter was used to take the MC of 170, 185, and 200 °C heat-treated Manchurian ash and Mongolian pine wood samples as well as reference (conventional kiln-dried) samples. A linear regression analysis was applied to assess the relationship between the MC values obtained using the meter and those obtained using the oven-dry method by fitting the data points according to the least squares method. From the results of the high coefficients of determination of the regression equation, it was concluded that the meter could be effectively used to obtain the MC of heat-treated wood. Finally, to ensure the simple and reliable application of the meter, the meter correction factors corresponding to each species and heat treatment temperature were calculated and listed.


Wood; Heat treatment; Moisture content; Radiofrequency-type moisture meter; Calibration

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