Newsprint from NSSC Bagasse Pulp Mixed with Hardwood CMP Pulp and Bleached Softwood Kraft Pulp

Ahmad Samariha, Alireza Khakifirooz, Mohammad Nemati, Foad Ravanbakhsh, Majid Kiaei, Amir Saghafi


In this work, the possibility of using neutral sulfite semi-chemical (NSSC) bagasse pulp mixed with hardwood chemimechanical pulp (CMP) and bleached softwood kraft pulp (BSKP) was investigated with the aim of reducing hardwood and BSKP consumption. The bagasse NSSC pulp had a digester yield of about 73% and was unbleached. It was refined by a PFI mill to 400 mL CSF, but in the case of the hardwood CMP and imported long fiber pulp, the final refined freeness were selected to be 350 and 500 mL CSF. Handsheets were made (60 gm-2), and their strength indices and optical properties were measured. Results of this research on a laboratory scale indicated that using bagasse NSSC pulp mixed with hardwood CMP to make newsprint with acceptable quality is possible, and this process will also noticeably reduce the consumption of imported long fiber pulp and wood for producing the grades of paper usually made from CMP.


Bagasse; CMP; Kraft; Newsprint; Bleached

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