Preparation and Evaluation of a Novel Cationic Amphiphilic Lignin Derivative with High Surface Activity

Zuguang Liu, Lele Zhao, Song Cao, Shuo Wang, Pinzhen Li


A novel cationic amphiphilic lignin derivative with high surface activity was prepared from kraft lignin via the introduction of dehydroabietyl groups as lipophilic groups and diethylenetriamine groups as hydrophilic groups by the Mannich and ketone-amine condensation reactions. Solubility, surface tension, hydrophilic-lipophilic balance (HLB) values, foamability, and zeta potential were used to evaluate the basic physico-chemical properties of the cationic amphiphilic lignin derivative. The experiments show that the solubility of the cationic amphiphilic lignin derivative is 2.10 wt%, the critical micelle concentration is 5.0 g•L-1, the surface tension is 29.85 mN•m-1 at a concentration of 5.0 g•L-1, the HLB value is 12, and the foam volume is 11.1 mL initially and 8.0 mL after standing for 5 min in an aqueous solution at pH 2.0.


Kraft lignin; Dehydroabietic acid; Diethylenetriamine; Cationic surfactant; Surface activity

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