Performance of Amphoteric Larch Tannin Derivative Particles for Removal of Azo Acid Dyes

Zhanhua Huang, Shouxin Liu, Qinglin Wu, Bin Zhang


Two particulate amphoteric larch tannin (CLT) products (CTD and CTB) were prepared by cross-linking reactions, and their acid dyes removal abilities were investigated. The effects of several parameters such as pH, contact time, and particle doses were tested, and the acid dyes removal behaviors of both types of particles were compared. The removal of azo acid dyes on CTD and CTB was pH-dependent, and the maximum removal of ≥90.7% was reached for Acid Black 10 B and 52.6% for Acid Red 14 in aqueous solution at pH 5.0. The effect of particle dosages on the removal of Acid Black 10 B and Acid Red 14 was important for two modified CLT particles. An excessive amount of modified CLT particles increased the chromaticity of water samples and caused the decline of dyes removal. Zeta (ζ) potential data revealed that the main mechanism of removal of the acid dyes on the CTD and CTB particles was charge neutralization.


Carboxymethyl larch tannin; Color removal; Adsorption; Acid dye; Charge neutralization

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