Tension Performance of Metal-Plate Connected Joints of Chinese Larch Dimension Lumber

Wei Guo, Shasha Song, Rongjun Zhao, Haiqing Ren, Zehui Jiang, Ge Wang, Zhengjun Sun, Xuehua Wang, Feng Yang, Hong Chen, Sheldon Q. Shi, Benhua Fei


Tension tests of metal-plate connected (MPC) joints for Chinese larch (Larix gmelinii (Rupr.) Rupr.) were conducted in four orientations. Load-deflection curves were obtained for each MPC jointed specimen. Ultimate tension load, translation stiffness, stiffness at large slip, and failure modes for each specimen were obtained. A Foschi 3-parameter model was found to fit the load-deflection curves very well. Wood grain, and MPC length and loading directions had significant effects on elastic deformation and stiffness at large slip of the MPC joints. Load parallel to the grain with MPC length parallel to load (AA) represented the highest elastic deformation, while load perpendicular to the grain and MPC parallel to load (AE) showed the lowest. Load perpendicular to grain with MPC length perpendicular to load (EE) presented the highest stiffness at large slip, AA the second, load parallel to grain-MPC length perpendicular to load (EA) the third, and AE the lowest. The translation stiffness and tension load showed similar trends in terms of the effect of test orientations. The ultimate tension load was reduced by 18.9% from AA to EA, 34.2% from AA to AE, and 36.8% from AA to EE. Multiple failure modes occurred at the MPC joint, including MPC shear failure, tooth withdrawal, and wood failure.


MPC joint; Translation stiffness; Ultimate tension load; Failure modes; Load-deflection curves

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