Strength Increase Pattern in Joints Bonded with PVAc Adhesives

Jan Bomba, Jiří Cvach, Přemysl Šedivka, Monika Kvietková


This research project deals with PVAc adhesives, their properties, and conditions of use. The primary objective of this study is to verify the dependence of the strength increase in a bonded joint on the curing time. The bonding process used the following PVAc adhesives: Kleiberit 303, Propellerleim 3W, 4B Plus, and Provotil, conforming to resistance classes D3 and D4 pursuant to ČSN EN 204. The test objects and processing of results were in accordance with ČSN EN 205. The readings were converted into charts demonstrating the strength increase in the bonded joints. The strength required in these adhesives by the standard is 10 MPa, and it is prescribed that the test should be performed over the 7 days following the assembly bonding (ČSN EN 204). The tested adhesives achieved this value in a time period of 75 min to 165 min, depending on the adhesive type. It also follows from the measurement that the results differ depending on the sort of adhesive. Comparison of the results with those of other authors (Košíček 1974; Eisner 1966; Eisner et al. 1983; Sedliačik 2005) indicates that the strength increase pattern is not changed with product development and that the differences are due to adhesive modifications by the manufacturers.


Adhesive; Strength increase; PVAc; Dispersion; Time

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