Compression and Bending Strength of Steamed, Treated Hardwoods

H. Michael Barnes, Michael G. Sanders, G. Brian Lindsay


A study was designed to examine the practical effects on bending and compression perpendicular to the grain of heating and treatment with preservative agents. Red oak and sweetgum were steamed to an internal temperature of 71 °C. Samples were subsequently treated with creosote or ammoniacal copper zinc arsenate (ACZA) while still hot. Samples were tested in bending and compression perpendicular to the grain using ASTM standards. The data indicate no severe reduction in bending properties of red oak or of the compression properties of sweetgum or red oak heated and then treated with ACZA or creosote.


Steaming; ACZA; Creosote; Bending; Compression perpendicular to grain; Red oak; Sweetgum

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