Evaluation of the Uniformity of Density and Mechanical Properties of Bamboo-Bundle Laminated Veneer Lumber (BLVL)

Fuming Chen, Zehui Jiang, Jianchao Deng, Ge Wang, Dan Zhang, Qingchao Zhao, Liping Cai, Sheldon Q. Shi


The objective of this study was to evaluate the uniformity of density distribution for Bamboo-bundle Laminated Veneer Lumber (BLVL) and its relationship to the stability of mechanical performance. A novel assembly style called one-piece veneer formation technology was developed to enhance the density uniformity, and four different density levels for BLVL were examined by X-ray scanning. The results indicated that the homogeneity of density, the stability of mechanical performance, and the mechanical properties for BLVL could be effectively improved by assembling the bamboo bundles into layers and then combining the layers to make the lumber. The density uniformity in width and thickness directions increased with increasing target density. A negatively linear correlation between density and Coefficient of Variation (COV) of MOR and shearing strength was observed. Partial correlation analysis revealed that when controlling for the variability of density, the linear relationship between density and the COV of MOR became insignificant, and the degree of linear correlation between density and the COV of shearing strength decreased.


Bamboo bundle laminated veneer lumber; Density uniformity; Vertical density profile; Stability of mechanical properties; Coefficient of variation

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