Dynamic Testing and Evaluation of Modulus of Elasticity (MOE) of SPF Dimensional Lumber

Zhiheng Wang, Zheng Wang, Brad Jianhe Wang, Yalei Wang, Bin Liu, Xin Rao, Peixing Wei, Yan Yang


The key objective of this work was to develop a cost-effective and reliable non-destructive testing (NDT) method to measure lumber modulus of elasticity (MOE). Test samples comprised 300 pieces of randomly selected imported Canadian 2”×6” SPF (Spruce - lodgepole Pine - alpine Fir) dimensional lumber. This work first adopted a modal test to achieve a free suspension for a subsequent vibration test. Then, the first-order natural frequency of 300 SPF dimensional lumber specimens was measured by the transient excitation frequency method, based on which MOE was then calculated. The results were also validated by a stress wave method using a Hitman tool. The measured lumber MOE data were further fitted using a Weibull distribution. The results showed that the MOE of SPF dimensional lumber followed either a three-parameter Weibull distribution or a normal distribution. It was estimated that the probability that the MOE of this SPF dimensional lumber was less than 8,000 MPa was about 13.8% and 13.6%, respectively, using the above two distributions.


Dimensional lumber; Modulus of elasticity (MOE); Natural frequency; Stress wave; Transverse vibration; Weibull distribution; Normal distribution

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