Effect of Cyclic Loading on the Elasticity of Beech Solid and Laminated Wood

Milan Gaff, Jozef Gáborík


This article deals with the determination of the cyclic loading effect on the elastic modulus (Em) of beech solid and laminated wood at various thicknesses while bent in the radial direction. To identify the modulus of elasticity, a three-point static bending test was carried out. The monitored characteristics were compared for the bodies under cyclic stress vs. bodies not subject to cyclic stress. Results showed no significant effect of cyclic loading on the laminated wood elastic modulus values. Conversely, cyclic loading significantly (95% confidence interval) affects the modulus of elasticity values for solid wood. A significant impact of thickness has been observed for both types of material. The results demonstrate that the elastic modulus values decrease with increasing thickness after cyclic loading.


Cyclic loading; Laminated wood; Bending strength; Elastic modulus

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