Study on the Mechanism of the Pyrolysis of a Lignin Monomeric Model Compound by in situ FTIR

Cheng Hao, Shubin Wu, Chao Liu


The in situ Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy technique was used as an online method for fundamental mechanistic studies of the pyrolysis of a lignin monomeric model compound. The formation of important reaction intermediates was revealed. Three major decomposition routes were shown: P1, dehydration at approximately 270 °C; P2.1, demethylation at approximately 350 °C; and P2.2, H-abstraction at approximately 430 °C. A free reaction of the pyrolysis of the lignin model compound was suggested based on the results. The comparative results showed that the methyl group was the initiator of many secondary reactions.


in situ FTIR; Pyrolysis; Lignin model compound; Bio-oil

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