Effect of Starch Dosage on the Properties of Modified Ground Calcium Carbonate

Huiming Fan, Binfeng Xu, Jianan Liu, Cheng Zhang


Ground calcium carbonate (GCC) was modified with a starch/sodium stearate complex and used to prepare different coating weights by controlling the starch dosages. Modified GCC was characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and particle size analysis. The effects of starch dosage (based on the dry weight of GCC) on the size of modified GCC, the coating weight of modified GCC, and the utilization rate of starch were evaluated. Four kinds of modified GCC with different coating weights obtained by controlling the starch dosage were studied in the last part of this paper. The starch dosage was found to play an important role in the coating weight of starch/sodium stearate complex used in preparing the modified GCC and the utilization rate of starch, but did not have as much of an effect on the size of modified GCC. The higher coating weight was beneficial for retention of the filler retention and for enhancing paper strength properties at the same ash content. The higher coating weight, however, caused a decrease in the paper ash content at the same initial added filler.


Starch/sodium stearate complexes; Modified GCC; Ash; Strength; Coating weight; Utilization; Size; Retention

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