Multivariate Correlation between Analytical Data for Various Organics Dissolved during Autohydrolysis of Silver Birch (Betula pendula) Chips and Treatment Conditions

Joni Tapani Lehto, Raimo Alén, Petteri Malkavaara


Autohydrolysis pre-treatments were performed for the production of hemicellulose-rich autohydrolysates from silver birch (Betula pendula) chips prior to chemical pulping. Pre-treatment conditions were varied with respect to time (from 30 to 120 min) and temperature (130 and 150 °C), covering a P-factor range from 10 to 238. Hydrolysates were analyzed in terms of carbohydrates, lignin, volatile organic acids, and furanoic compounds. The analytical data were subjected to various chemometric techniques to establish the relationships between dissolved organic components, hardwood and softwood used in the experiments, and applied pre-treatment conditions. Using this method, differences between the wood species could be clearly seen, and a relatively accurate model for the autohydrolysis of birch chips was developed.


Autohydrolysis; Betula pendula; Carbohydrates; Volatile acids; Lignin; Furans; Biorefining; Principal component analysis

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