Developing Hydrophobic Paper as a Packaging Material Using Epicuticular Wax: A Sustainable Approach

Jyoti Yadav, Manali Datta, Vinod Singh Gour


There is an urgent need for a biodegradable, hydrophobic material that can be used in developing packaging materials. In this preliminary study, epicuticular wax has been extracted from the leaves of Calotropis procera and Alstonia scholaris using various solvents (i.e., ethanol, methanol, benzene, and acetone). The highest wax amounts were found to be 0.54 µg/cm2 and 0.13 µg/cm2 from Alstonia scholaris and Calotropis procera, respectively. The highest hydrophobicity (29.57%) was found to be in paper discs coated with epicuticular wax extracted with benzene from the adaxial surface of Calotropis procera.


Calotropis procera; Alstonia scholaris; Organic solvents; Water gain

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