A Method of Minimising Paper Requirements for Offset Printing

Jacek Hamerliński, Yuriy Pyr'yev


The conducted study desired to increase the accuracy of estimating paper quantity requirements for printing. Changes in press construction and auxiliary equipment help reduce the total waste during production; however, typical estimation methods do not take these changes into account. By specifying the number of important job parameters and using a dimensional analysis approach, it was possible to devise a model of waste sheet quantity estimation better suited for current production practices. Using this model, it is possible to reduce the quantity of paper required for a particular print run as well as better predict the total waste sheet quantity. As a result, less paper may be ordered, stocked, and utilised in production. Using this model, a printing house may develop unique technological allowance standards for their particular substrates and products. The method of waste quantity prediction presented in this paper is also suitable for establishing a quality control system.


Offset printing; Paper requirements; Paper waste; Dimensional analysis

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