Effect of Mixing Different Contents of OCC Pulp on NSSC Pulp Strength

Jafar Ebrahimpour Kasmani, Ahmad Samariha, Mohammad Nemati


This research was conducted to study changes in mechanical properties due to mixing of old corrugated container (OCC) pulp with virgin neutral sulfite semi-chemical (NSSC) pulp. The OCC pulp was collected after removal of printing, glued parts, and unwanted additives. To prevent cutting of fibers, dedicated containers were broken down by hand before pulping. Handsheets with a base weight of 127 g/m2 were made by mixing the NSSC and OCC pulps at proportions of 60, 70, and 80 wt% of NSSC. Mechanical properties, including tensile strength, burst strength, tearing strength, corrugated medium test, and ring crush test, were evaluated using TAPPI standards. Addition of up to 30% OCC improved the tensile strength, tear strength, and burst strength of the handsheets significantly in comparison with the control sample (21, 25, and 59%, respectively). However, the corrugated medium test and ring crush test decreased by about 13 and 9%, respectively. The results of this study revealed that mixing 30 wt% OCC with NSSC yielded a higher quality paper.


Neutral sulfite semi-chemical (NSSC) Pulp; OCC; Handsheet; Strength properties

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