Application of Carbon Fiber Paper in Integrated Wooden Electric Heating Composite

Quanping Yuan, Feng Fu


To endow wooden material with an electric heating function, carbon fiber paper, as an electric heating membrane, was laminated with wood veneer to prepare wooden electric heating composites. The electric heating performance of the membrane under different power densities and resistance stabilities, as well as the influencing mechanism of the process on both the resistance and bonding performance of the composite, were studied. The surface temperature of the membrane and composite increased by more than 20 °C in 30 s and 10 min, respectively, after electricity was applied. Furthermore, the samples had a surface temperature unevenness of 4 and 2 °C, respectively. Many potential contact points between carbon fibers fulfilled their connections, reducing the drop rate of resistance (DRR) after hot-pressing to the range of 30% to 43%. The hot-press pressure and glue spread had a high degree of relevancy (coefficient of determination R2=0.960 and R2=0.997) with the DRR of the composite, respectively. The composite exhibited a negative temperature coefficient effect (NTC), and the DRR after heating for 15 h was 4.4%, but tended to ultimately stabilize. The composite, which exhibited good time-temperature effects and had a linear relationship with a high value of the coefficient of determination (R2=0.983) between power density and equilibrium temperature, displays solid potential for use in preparing integrated wooden electric heating products.


Electric heating; Wooden composite; Carbon fiber paper; Integration; Negative temperature coefficient effect

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