The Influence of Speed and Press Factor on Oriented Strand Board Performance in Continuous Press

Valentina D. Ciobanu, Octavia Zeleniuc, Adela-Eliza Dumitrascu, Badea Lepadatescu, Bogdan Iancu


Three-layer cross-oriented strand boards, OSB type 3 of 10 mm thick, were industrially manufactured from a mixture of wood species including 50% softwoods, 25% beech, and 25% low hardwoods, using a continuous press line. The effects of line speed and press factor on physical and mechanical properties of OSB/3 (exterior grade) were evaluated, keeping nearly constant the face-core adhesive ratio. The manufactured boards were classified into five groups depending on the pressing parameters. The experimental results showed that all mechanical properties increased, with increasing press factor and decreasing line speed. The ratios of bending strength (MOR) and the modulus of elasticity (MOE) parallel to perpendicular were 1.73 to 1.89 and 2.18 to 2.24, respectively. No significant differences in thickness swell and water absorption were observed. The lowest density was achieved at higher speed, although there was no large variation in densities between groups. Thickness swelling and internal bond after boil test exceeded the EN 300 standard requirements for OSB/3 moisture resistance, excepting a few boards. The results revealed that a correlation between speed and press factor is necessary in order to improve mechanical properties and to keep the physical performance of boards within a limited range of values.


Oriented strand board (OSB); Continuous press; Press factor; Speed line; Physical properties; Mechanical properties

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