Variation of Colour Properties between and within New Robinia Varieties with Enhanced Growing Rates from Different Sites

Diána Csordós, Róbert Németh, Miklós Bak


This research analysed the colour properties of new Robinia varieties with enhanced growing rates. The investigations comprised new Robinia varieties grown on different East Hungarian sites. The colour coordinates were determined in the international CIELab system. The mean colour values of the wood of the different varieties did not show significant differences. However, the standard deviation of the measured colour coordinates showed higher values in the case of almost all varieties with high growth rates, compared to the controls (non-fast-growing). The higher colour variegation of most of the fast-growing varieties is attributed to some genetic property, as the standard deviation is independent from the mean annual ring width and the production site.


Colour measurement; CIELab; Robinia pseudoacacia L.; Robinia varieties

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