Testing and Modeling of Thrust Force and Torque in Drilling Recombinant Bamboo

Rongrong Li, Mats Ekevad, Jie Wang, Xiaolei Guo, Pingxiang Cao


Recombinant bamboo with a thickness of 15 mm was drilled on a CNC machine. The process parameters considered were spindle speed, feed rate, and diameter of the drill, and the response parameters were thrust force and torque. Mathematical models were developed to establish the relationship between the process parameters and the response parameters. The results showed that the main influence on thrust force came from spindle speed and feed rate. High spindle speed with low feed rate was a combination that minimized the thrust force. The process parameters that have a major effect on torque are the diameter of the drill and the spindle speed.


Drilling; Recombinant bamboo; RSM; Thrust force; Torque

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