Some Properties of Linoleum and Wood Laminated Flooring Panels with Magnesium Substrate

Tuncer Dilik, Salim Hiziroglu


This paper presents some of the properties of commercially manufactured laminated flooring having magnesium oxide substrate. Laminated flooring samples with thin veneer of walnut wood and linoleum were tested for their bending characteristics, internal bonding strength, thickness swelling, and surface roughness. The highest modulus of elasticity value of 583,000 psi was found for the samples loaded in the direction of wood veneer overlay. Linoleum overlaid samples resulted in 461,000 psi for the corresponding value. Wood overlaid samples also showed 8% lower internal bond strength values than those of linoleum laminated specimens. Based on the roughness evaluation of the samples conditioned at 55% and 95% relative humidity levels employing a stylus type equipment, no significant adverse effect of high humidity exposure on their surface quality was determined. It appears that magnesium panels overlaid with solid wood and linoleum veneer sheets could serve as value-added flooring with acceptable properties.


Flooring; Magnesium; Linoleum; Wood veneer; Bending; Surface roughness

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