Effect of Cyclic Loading on Modulus of Elasticity of Aspen Wood

Milan Gaff, Miroslav Gašparík


This article investigates the modulus of elasticity of solid and laminated aspen wood of various thicknesses after cyclic loading. A three-point static bending test was carried out to determine the modulus of elasticity. Cyclically loaded samples were compared with samples without cyclic loading. For the laminated wood, the results demonstrated a statistically significant impact of cyclic loading on the elasticity modulus. In contrast, no significant impact of cyclic loading was shown for the solid wood. The impact of the number of cycles was significant for both laminated and solid wood. When this number increased, the elasticity modulus values decreased. Generally, higher elasticity modulus values were confirmed for the laminated wood.


Cyclic loading; Laminated wood; Modulus of elasticity; Aspen; Number of cycles

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