Effects of Decorative Veneer and Structure on the Thermal Conductivity of Engineered Wood Flooring

Qingqing Chen, Xiaolei Guo, Futang Ji, Jun Wang, Jie Wang, Pingxiang Cao


This paper explores the thermal conductivity of engineered wood flooring, which is widely used in world market. The effects of decorative veneer type and structure on the thermal conductivity of engineered wood flooring were studied. Four decorative veneer types and three different structures of engineered wood flooring served as test specimens. All samples were placed in a laboratory simulating a heating system environment, of which the temperature should be measured three times every five minutes. The temperature differences between the upper and lower surfaces were as follows: cherry > maple > birch > eastern black walnut. Three types of structures also showed differences in temperature changes, based on five-minute observations. The larger the decorative veneer’s density, the higher the thermal conductivity, and the faster the heat transferred, meaning less heat was lost. The thermal conductivity of three-layer engineered wood flooring, with decorative veneer made of sawn wood, exhibited the best properties. The second best of the three samples was the three-layer engineered wood flooring with decorative veneer made of thick veneer and plywood. Finally, a multilayered engineered wood flooring performed the worst. The engineered wood flooring for use in heating systems should be chosen for its larger density of decorative veneer made of sawn wood.


Engineered wood flooring; Thermal conductivity; Decorative veneer; Structure of flooring

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