Calculating Elastic Constants of Binderless Bamboo-Wood Sandwich Composite

Xinfeng Wu, Jianying Xu, Jingxin Hao


Bending and shear stiffness, which are used as deformation resistance indexes, are very important mechanical properties of bamboo-wood sandwich composites. Thus, a new methodology to calculate the elastic constants of this type of material was proposed in this paper. First, the elastic constants of the composites were derived based on composite mechanics. In particular, the equivalent shear stiffness and modulus were determined by the energy method. Then, the three-point bending test and a revised three-point bending test were used to verify the accuracy of the theoretical model, which uses the properties of the skin and core layers as its input parameters. The model was subsequently evaluated. The results show that, generally, the predicted values were slightly smaller than the test results for the same bamboo-wood composite because of the strengthening of the wood veneer after hot-pressing.


Bamboo-wood sandwich composite; Elastic constants; Bending experiment; Mechanical properties

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