Dynamic Methods to Evaluate the Shear Modulus of Wood

Mehran Roohnia, Mostafa Kohantorabi


There are different dynamic or static test methodologies for evaluating the shear and torsional moduli of wood. A preferred method is nondestructive, accurate, and standard. However, dynamic methods using conventional devices previously suggested for determining the orthotropic shear moduli of wood are neither accurate nor standard. Thus, a reliable method for evaluating the torsional modulus of wood through a torsional vibration test exists; however, it is not a standard test method at all. In this study, a standard methodology for refractory materials, ASTM C1548, was fitted to wood to meet the qualifications suggested in measuring the torsional vibration of an orthotropic material. A methodology based on Timoshenko’s advanced theory of free flexural vibration for orthotropic shear moduli was also defined to be compared to these reliable, standard procedures of torsional modulus evaluation. A promising conclusion was derived using improved computer-based instrumentation.


Dynamic; Shear; Torsion; Vibration; Wood

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