An Attempt at Modelling of Cutting Forces in Oak Peripheral Milling

Marija Dragan Mandić,, Bolesław Porankiewicz, Gradimir Jasa Danon


An attempt was made to evaluate the non-linear, multi-variable dependency between the main (tangential) force, FC, and machining parameters and properties of pedunculate oak (Quercus robur) during straight edge, peripheral milling. The tangential force, FC, was found to be influenced by the feed rate per tooth, fZ, cutting depth, cD, rake angle γF, Brinell hardness, H, bending strength, RB, and modulus of longitudinal elasticity, E. Several interactions between machining parameters and properties of wood were confirmed in the developed relationship FC = f(fZ, cD, γF, H, RB, E).


Oak; Properties of wood; Machining parameters; Peripheral milling; Main cutting force

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