Composite Films Based on Nanocellulose and Nanoclay Minerals as High Strength Materials with Gas Barrier Capabilities: Key Points and Challenges

José António Ferreira Gamelas, Eduardo Ferraz


Composites of nanocellulose with layered silicates have recently emerged as a new type of composite materials offering superior strength, as well as thermal and gas barrier properties. These organic-inorganic hybrid composites with a nacre-like structure can be obtained from renewable resources and are environmentally friendly. They can potentially be presented as a serious alternative in the near future to several polymers or other polymer-inorganic composites, for applications in food packaging or electronic devices. The discussion here will be directed to: what are the new opportunities and challenges that arise for these materials aiming at their competition with well-established materials in the market.


Nanofibrillated cellulose; Planar and fibrous minerals; Phyllosilicates; Composite films; Mechanical strength; Barrier properties; Food packaging; Flexible electronics

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