Effects of pH and Sulfonated Lignin on the Enzymatic Saccharification of Acid Bisulfite- and Green Liquor-pretreated Poplar Wood

Yangsu Zhu, Wangxia Wang, Yan Wang, Yongcan Jin


The effects of pH and sulfonated lignin (SL) on the saccharification of enzymatic hydrolysis were investigated using acid bisulfite (AS)- and green liquor (GL)-pretreated poplar as substrates. The enzymatic sugar conversions of AS- and GL-pretreated poplar could reach high levels at pH 4.8. The sugar conversions of both AS- and GL-pretreated poplar solids increased when hydrophilic SL was used as an additive in the enzymatic hydrolysis. With SL addition, the optimal pH of AS-pretreated poplar moved to 5.1–5.7, while that of GL-pretreated poplar showed no significant difference. The sugar conversions of AS- and GL-pretreated poplar went up and then leveled off with SL charges from 0.05 to 0.3 g/g-substrate. The highest total sugar conversions increased from 76.4% and 86.9% (pH 4.8, without SL) to 83.5% (pH 5.4, SL 0.3 g/g-substrate) and 90.9% (pH 5.0, SL 0.2 g/g-substrate) for AS- and GL-pretreated poplar, respectively.


Poplar; Pretreatment; Enzymatic hydrolysis; pH; Sulfonated lignin

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