Improving Fly Ash Whiteness and the Influence of Modified Fly Ash on the Physical Strength of Paper

Huiming Fan, Shuo Wang, Jianan Liu, Jun Long


In order to improve the whiteness of fly ash, the particles were coated by in-situ precipitation of calcium carbonate. After different mass ratios of calcium oxide to fly ash were mixed into water, a certain amount of carbon dioxide was bubbled into the mixture to form a precipitated calcium carbonate deposit on the surface of fly ash. With the help of scanning electron microscopy (SEM), the process and the coating mechanism of the unmodified and modified fly ash were studied. The results showed that when a 1:1 mass ratio of calcium oxide to fly ash was implemented, the whiteness of fly ash was increased from 30.3 (the original fly ash) to 74.0 (the modified fly ash). After appropriately controlling for the rate of carbon dioxide, the whiteness was improved to meet the standard for filler in the papermaking industry, and also great advantages in paper physical strength were demonstrated.


Fly ash; Precipitated calcium carbonate; Coating; Whiteness; Physical strength

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