Preliminary Analysis of Lignocellulose Content and Monolignol Composition of Oil Palm Trunk from Two Different Genetic Backgrounds

Li Sim Ho, Bee Aik Tan, Normahnani Md Noh, Siti Sarah A. Talib, Nalisha Ithnin, Leona Daniela Jeffery Daim, Tony Ooi Eng Keong, Hirzun Mohd Yusof


A preliminary investigation of chemical and lignin composition was conducted from samples of oil palm trunk of two different genetic backgrounds. A significant difference in percent (%) of standing palms was noted for the two different genetic backgrounds after 24 years of planting. Given that these palms were planted in neighboring fields, the objective of this preliminary study was to compare the chemical composition, as well as the lignin composition of the two palm varieties. When comparing the two populations, significant differences were observed in the structural carbohydrate composition and the lignin composition. This research constitutes the first reporting on the pyrolysis-gas chromatography-mass spectrometer analysis of oil palm trunk lignin composition.


Monolignol composition; Oil palm trunk; Py-GCMS; Chemical composition; Structural carbohydrate

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