Influence of Boundary Conditions on the Solution to a Mathematical Model for a Given Wooden Plate

Ferdinand Bodnár, Pavel Beňo, Stanislav Kotšmíd, Jana Luptáková


The article examines deformation of wood veneer and internal forces resulting from bending. Wood is modelled as an orthotropic material. A thin circular wooden plate hemispherically supported at its free edge is bent by axial hubbing of the punch with a hemispherical end. The analysis of the models is carried out by the ANSYS software. Geometric boundary conditions are calculated and set by a macro formed by the APDL (ANSYS Parametric Design Language) scenario language. For the reason of comparison the models were solved for a given plate with simplified boundary conditions.


Wooden circular plate; Ritz method; Boundary conditions; Finite element method; ANSYS

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