Tensile-Shear Strength of Glued Line of Laminated Veneer Lumber

Milan Gaff, Daniel Ruman, Miroslav Gašparík, Václav Štícha, Pavel Boška


This article presents an investigation of the influence of selected factors (wood species, composition, and number of loading cycles) on the shear strength of laminated veneer lumber previously affected by cyclic loading. The monitored properties were determined on samples of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) and Eurasian aspen (Populus tremula L.). The laminated veneer lumber consisted of a combination of densified and non-densified veneers. Wood densification of up to 30% was carried out by means of rolling. The results show that each monitored factor significantly influenced the shear strength. The results also indicate a significant decrease in glued joint shear strength with increasing number of densified veneers in the laminated veneer lumber.


Cyclic loading; Densification; Tensile-shear strength; Multilayered material; Laminated veneer lumber; Beech; Aspen

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