Dimensional Stability of Board Manufactured with Wood-based Panel Laths

Jiebing Wang, Zhenzhong Gao, Dengyun Tu, Zesen He, Xishun Lin, Jin Sun


The overall objective was to use waste plywood and medium density fiberboard (MDF) to manufacture a new type of board. The dimensional stability of board was improved by mechanical inhibition between laths along the thickness direction. Its modulus of rupture (MOR) and dimensional stability were tested to determine whether it satisfied the Chinese national standard. The innovational points lie in the treatment to improve dimensional stability and raw materials. The MOR of board manufactured with MDF was superior to that manufactured with plywood, although the MOR of MDF was lower than the MOR of plywood. The IT and DT of new manufactured boards decreased more than 33.48% compared to the raw materials. Besides, the warpage and thickness variation tended to be stabilized with cyclical tests continuing. This result indicated that the treatment of mechanical inhibition between laths along thickness direction could improve the dimensional stability of boards. In addition, MDF was a suitable raw material for the new board.


Medium density fiberboard (MDF); Plywood; Modulus of rupture (MOR); Dimensional stability

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