Evaluation of CuO/MgAl2O4 in Biomass Chemical Looping Gasification with Oxygen Uncoupling

Jingyu Ran, Fanxuan Fu, Changlei Qin, Peng Zhang, Lili Yang, Wending Wang, Lin Yang


Chemical looping gasification (CLG) is a promising method for the utilization of biomass to produce syngas. However, its realization is largely dependent on the use of an oxygen carrier with a high and stable reactivity in cyclic reduction and oxidation. This work focused on the improvement of reactivity and stability of CuO in chemical looping gasification via the addition of MgAl2O4 as an inert material. First, the stability and reactivity of synthesized Cu-based oxygen carriers were studied in a thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA). Then, the characteristics of CLG of biomass and the oxygen carrier in syngas production were investigated by testing gas components, syngas production, and oxygen carrier sintering performance. The results show that CuO supported on MgAl2O4 has a better capacity for oxygen release than pure CuO and a superior stability and gasification activity in the cyclic chemical looping gasification with biomass. A higher operating temperature led to the production of more syngas from biomass gasification with CuO/MgAl2O4 as the oxygen carrier, particularly for CO and H2. CuO/MgAl2O4 also demonstrated a much better effect on methane reforming in CLG. It is believed that CuO/MgAl2O4 is a suitable oxygen carrier for the chemical looping with oxygen uncoupling (CLOU) and CLG of biomass.


Syngas; Oxygen carrier; CuO/MgAl2O4; Chemical looping gasification

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