Comparison of Pretreatment Methods for Production of Ethanol from Sugarcane Bagasse

Yanzhi You, Ziyuan Zhou, Pengxiang Zhao, Lingxi Bu, Jianxin Jiang, Weiming Zhang


Sugarcane bagasse (SCB) was modified by steam explosion pretreatment at 190 °C for 10 min and 210 °C for 5 min using green liquor (GL) combined with hydrogen peroxide (GL-H2O2) and ethanol (GL-Ethanol) for simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (SSF)-based ethanol production. The results showed that 85.02% and 100% of hemicelluloses were solubilized by steam explosion pretreatment at 190 °C for 10 min and 210 °C for 5 min, respectively. Moreover, 20.08% and 73.77% of the lignin was removed through GL-H2O2 and GL-Ethanol pretreatments, respectively. The steam explosion pretreatments greatly improved the specific surface area of the SCB and led to the highest ethanol yield of 92.20% at 190 °C for 10 min and 93.19% of 210 °C for 5 min, respectively. In addition, the ethanol yield reached 72.58% for the GL-Ethanol pretreatment, and about 70% of active lignin could be recovered from the pretreatment liquid. When the GL-H2O2 pretreatment was used, the maximum ethanol yield of 20.92% was achieved.


Sugarcane bagasse; Steam explosion; Green liquor-ethanol; Green liquor-hydrogen peroxide; Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation

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