Exploration of the Origin of the UV Absorption Performance of Windmill Palm Fiber

Shu Wang, Tonghua Zhang, Jiali Li, Limei Fang, Xingxing Liu, Min Guo


This study aims to investigate the ultraviolet (UV) absorption property of palm fiber and to reveal the mechanism underlying its UV-shielding behavior. The UV spectra of various solvent extracts of palm fiber were investigated. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and UV spectra were used to analyze the treated palm fiber, 100% α-cellulose, and raw palm fiber. The UV absorbances of palm, bamboo, and ramie fibers and their lignin extracts were comparatively investigated. The results showed that lignin is the main contributor to the UV absorption property of palm fiber. UV spectroscopy of the solvent extracts showed that a dioxane solution exhibited an excellent extraction capacity. The analysis of the FTIR and UV spectra of treated palm fiber, 100% α-cellulose, and raw palm fiber confirmed that there was a strong correlation between the UV absorption property and the chemical components. The results showed that the palm fiber exhibited superior UV absorption properties and that the lignin content noticeably affected the UV absorption degree.


Palm fiber; UV absorption property; Lignin

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