A Modified Method for Shear Strength Measurement of Adhesive Bonds in Solid Wood

Mohammad Derikvand, Halimeh Pangh


An experimental method was developed in this investigation to evaluate the shear strength of adhesive bonds in solid wood materials. The new method was tested against the standard test methods described in ASTM D-905, EN 205, and EN 302-1. Specimens were constructed of Oriental Beech (Fagus orientalis L.) and bonded with three different wood adhesives. Using the proposed method in the study, unintentional errors in cutting and testing processes of the shear specimens were decreased, which led to a decrease in the variability of the results. The worst stability was observed in the data obtained when the EN 205 and ASTM D-905 standard methods were used.


Adhesive bond strength; Lap joints; Polyurethane; Polyvinyl acetate; Shear test; Urea-formaldehyde; Wood adhesives; Wood shear failure

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