Shear Strength and Microscopic Characterization of a Bamboo Bonding Interface with Phenol Formaldehyde Resins Modified with Larch Thanaka and Urea

Mingjie Guan, Zhiwei Huang, Dan Zeng


The aim of this study was to understand the microscopic characteristics of the bamboo bonding interface with phenol formaldehyde resin modified with larch thanaka and urea (PTUF) and its effect on the shear strength of two-ply bamboo laminated lumber. Bleached and carbonized bamboo strips were used, and two assembly patterns (outer-to-outer and inner-to-inner) were adopted to make two-ply bamboo laminated lumber with PTUF. The microstructure of the bonding interface and the bond-line thickness were investigated using a scanning electron microscope. The average depth and effective depth of PTUF on bamboo surfaces were evaluated by fluorescent microscopy characterization. The shear strength of two-ply bamboo laminated lumber was also examined. The results revealed a shallow depth of penetration of PTUF into the bamboo surface that was distributed primarily in the broken cell cavities formed during preparation, as well as between the cell walls. When the assembly pattern was inner-to-inner, the depth of penetration and bond-line thickness were higher, but the shear strength was lower than that of the outer-to-outer pattern. The carbonized bamboo laminated lumber provided a greater resin penetration and bond-line thickness, but lower shear strength, than the bleached bamboo laminated lumber.


Phenol formaldehyde resin; Modification; Larch thanaka; Urea; Bamboo; Bonding interface; Scanning electron microscope; Fluorescent microscopy characterization; Shear strength

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