Effects of Selected Factors on Bending Characteristics of Beech Wood

Elena Miftieva, Milan Gaff, Tomáš Svoboda, Marian Babiak, Miroslav Gašparík, Daniel Ruman, Miroslav Suchopár


Wood is a natural raw material that is an integral part of many production processes. By changing the input characteristics of native wood, the qualitative characteristics of the final product can be affected extensively. This article is concerned with examining several factors’ effects (thickness of the material; number of loading cycles) on the bending strength of beech wood during bending in the radial direction. A three-point bending test was used on the sample. The examined properties were investigated on samples of varying thicknesses that were not cyclically loaded, and the results were compared to those acquired from samples that were cyclically loaded. Thirty percent densification of the samples was achieved by rolling. Material fatigue was not achieved as an effect of examined number of cycles, nor did the examined characteristics change as an effect of cyclic loading. Densification of the wood by rolling had no effect on the changes in the examined mechanical properties at the determined level of densification. With an increase in the material’s thickness, the values of the examined characteristics decreased, which was caused by the fact that the increase in the cross-sectional modulus of the material was greater than the increase of the affecting force.


Cyclic loading; Wood densification; Bending strength; Modulus of elasticity; Beech wood

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