Production of Biodegradable Board using Rape Straw and Analysis of Mechanical Properties

Lili Huang, Ping Xia, Yamei Liu, Yao Fu, Yuanye Jiang, Shengquan Liu, Xiulun Wang


This study investigated the glueless preparation of biomass board using rape straw on a laboratory scale. The board-making process was broken down into four steps: soaking, refining, shape recovery, and hot-pressing. To observe the effect of pressure during the hot-press stage on the strength of the bio-board, five panels were manufactured at various pressures. Moreover, density functional theory (DFT) was used to explore how varying the pressure influenced the strength properties of the board. As pressure increased, the density of these five panels changed from 0.95 to 1.12 g/cm3. The mechanical tests showed that the bending rupture strength of these panels changed from 43 to 53 MPa, while the tensile rupture strength changed from 27 to 33 MPa. The bending strength of these biomass boards performed well enough to qualify them as Type-35 board, and their density classified them as hardboard, according to the Japanese industrial standards (JIS). This study showed that board-making was feasible using rape straw. The experimental results and the density functional theory results were consistent, in that the mechanical properties of the panels improved with increasing pressure. The DFT method was shown to be useful in exploring the factors that influenced the strength properties of the biomass board on the microscopic scale.


Rape straw; Board-making process; Mechanical property; Hydrogen bond; DFT method

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